Which switch games were shown on the big Nintendo Direct? The Direct is over and how we threatened, you will find all the important news in our great switch overview, all the watching trailers and exciting new announcements of the event.

Nintendo Switch Online adds a selection of Free N64 and Sega Genesis classics

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There have been rumors that the Nintendo Switch online offer will renew new retro titles. Now we know that N64 classics like …

Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
and more

… to happen to the free games . Also Sega Genesis title will be from the game – but a higher subscription price. But Nintendo has not revealed yet.

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Switch online gets giant upgrade with N64 games – and much more

Suitable: The Switch gets new controller in the N64 and SEGA design

Anyone who wants to experience the retro titles with original feelings will do that. Because for the switch, there will be both a N64 and a SEGA Genesis Controller. For the hearty price of 50 US dollars.

Release: We do not know when the controllers appear

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Bunter 3D platform appears in the spring 2022

With Kirby and the Forgotten Lands returns the pink slogan with a new switch game. The 3D platform releases Kirby into an abandoned world that has almost post-apocalyptic trains.

Release: Spring 2022

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Kirby and the Forgotten Country: New Switch game comes in spring 2022

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Great Autumn Update 2021 appears in November

But it was also time: Nintendo has finally announced the great Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update, which will appear in November 2021. There were many details next to the confirmation of coffee owl kofi – but they should give it in their own Animal Crossing-Direct in October.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Well finally, Kofis Café officially announced

The big super mario movie appears in December 2022 – and Chris Pratt speaks Mario …

Mario-inventors Shigeru Miyamoto also gave rise to the honor on the Nintendo Direct and announced the US theatrical release of the Super Mario Film, which he has in planning with the creators of the minion makers. Am 21 . December 2022 Starts the film in US cinemas – when it is with us, remains unclear.

Frighting comes that all characters from the Super Mario Univerum of Hollywood stars are spoken. And that would be:

Chris Pratt as Super Mario
Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach
Charlie Day as Luigi
Jack Black as Bowser
Seth Row as Donkey Kong
Keegan-Michael Key as a toad
and many more…

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Super Mario comes 2022 in the cinema – with Chris Pratt and other Hollywood sizes

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – The Switch Monster Hunt gets a massive extension

Im Summer 2022 Monster Hunter Rise gets the extension Sunbreak a thick update packed with new locations, quests and monsters. The paid DLC evidently extends the basic game quite extensively, because it is talked about a massive supplement.

Chocobo GP – New Kart racer with the final fantasy mascot appears 2022

Do you still know Chocobo Racing? The PS1 classic packed the eponymous mascot of the final fantasy series in a kart racer. With Chocobo GP , the slightly different racing game returns to the switch – with many routes, characters and special skills.

Release: 2022

Triangle Strategy – Stylish Tactics RPG appears on March 4,2022

Feedback on the free demo of Triangle Strategy has given the creators to think and many improvements were presented in a new gameplay trailer, which should make the tactic RPG better. A release date was finally revealed: on 4 . March 2022 Let s start.

Splatoon 3 gets new gameplay trailer – first look at Story mode

If you have longed for new gameplay details to Splatoon 3, then the Nintendo Direct will be happy. In a longer trailer there is more to see the innovations, the setting and the story – because a singleplayer campaign is also back.

Release: 2022

Bayonetta 3 with signs of life: New gameplay trailer revealed release period

Yes, Bayonetta 3 still lives. After a long wait, there was finally an update to the witch action to see. The new trailer shows chaotic struggles and big monsters – but a thing is missing: a definitive release date.

Release: 2022

What else was shown on the Nintendo Direct?

Mario Party Superstars: Trailer introduces new mini-game boards
Voice of Cards: New card-based RPG announced by the Nier-maker
Disco Elysium – The Final Cut appears on October 12 for the Switch
Dying Light: Platinum Edition appears on October 19 for the Switch
New Metroid Dread Trailer introduces the game world more closely
Dying Light 2: Stay Human appears as Cloud Version for the Switch
Wreckfest confirmed for the Nintendo Switch
Rune factory 5 will be released on 25 March 2022 for the switch
Mario Golf: Super Rush gets new free content
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comes to the switch
Shadowrun Trilogy appears 2022 for the Nintendo Switch
The Castlevania Advance Collection appears today for the switch
ACTRAISER RENAISSANCE : Remake of the SNES cult class icon appears today for the switch
Hyrule Warriors: Time of Prehearsing \ – Second DLC Wave Starts in October

Hand on the heart: How did you like the direct? Which games are you looking forward to? Write us in the comments!