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Since SPLATOON 3 lost last E3 2021, it seemed clear that this new video game of exclusive action by Nintendo Switch would make an appearance in the last Nintendo Direct of the Japanese company, and it has been. The title has been seen in a trailer loaded with action that has not only shown its multiplayer battles, but also, scenes of history mode.

Tintelia , known as the city of Chaos, is in the middle of an entire region inhabited by marine creatures such as calamari and octopus, commented on the video one of its main managers. The multitude of buildings from different eras confer to the city its characteristic culture, adds the creative of Nintendo, which confirms that there will be new main and special weapons that will give you a twist to the fun action of SPLATOON

Nintendo emphasizes that in this new game zone the territorial wars are on the agenda , but beyond the multiplayer action of this series that was born in the Wii U circuits, we will also have the opportunity to Enjoy solo adventures and challenges in History mode The return of mamfeteroids . The new trailer of SPLATOON 3 lets us see some scenes and play areas belonging to this campaign, whose history revolves around the disappearance of all mammals except for two cats.

There are still many mysteries to solve, soon there will be more news, it has been limited to adding the creative. SPLATOON 3 plans to be premiered by 2022, along with other titles as expected as Bayonetta 3 or the newly announced Kirby and the forgotten land. During the last Direct, other news has been given in great interest as the confirmation that Nintendo Switch Online will receive Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games.