The games of Nintendo 64 are on the way to the online switch service. Although at the moment there are no details, this will happen next October around the world. Although these titles are not yet available, Players from Europe have noticed an error for this market.

During the Nintendo Direct that was transmitted to America, the fans noted that the N64 games were running at 60Hz. However, the presentation for the European market showed us these titles to 50Hz. Although at the moment there is no exact information, some people have begun to speculate that the titles of this console for the online switch will run slower in Europe compared to America and Japan. When Nintendo UK was questioned on this subject, this was what was commented on:

We have nothing to announce on this topic.

This has always been a problem in Europe. Due to the configuration of the screens in this region, PAL Games usually ran 17% slower , although this also allowed a better image in this market. On the other hand, on the screen of NTSC (North America and Japan), this was not an inconvenience. Although this problem was solved with the arrival of HDMI, it seems that Nintendo will return to these players over time.

This is not the first time this happens, since When the Wii virtual console offered N64 games, this was a problem that tormented the players . Although this was solved with the Wii U, it seems that the switch reintroduces this problem. Hopefully more details are provided.

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Via: Eurogamer.