A detective with ethyl amnesia is never late, not soon, it reaches exactly when … when the drunkenness is passed, we suppose. And it is that Disc Elysium at last has a release date in Nintendo Switch. We talked about the edition The Final Cut of the award-winning RPG Detective De Za / Um, which will land on the hybrid console two years after its original pc launch. When, exactly? October 12 in digital format .

If the downloads and digital games are not yours, calm: Disc Elysium will receive a physical edition in Nintendo Switch at the beginning of 2022 , in order to specify your date or if you will have additional content for collectors. The fact is that less than a month is missing so that Nintendo players can be amazed with this detective adventure employing the mechanics of a classic paper, pencil and dice.

All of this sustained about a masterful narrative, full of black humor, existentialism , political discussions and certain doses of magical realism. Not in vain, apart from being the game with more prizes of the Game Awards 2019, the work of ZA / UM was also raised as one of the great winners of the Bafta Games Awards of that year. An essential RPG, which you will have available in Nintendo Switch on October 12th.

The Nintendo Direct this week has left us with all kinds of news, and beyond Disc Elysium, last night we met that Nintendo Switch Online will add N64 and Mega Drive games. The new Kirby and the forgotten land have also been announced, as well as the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion and the premiere date of Triangle Strategy. Do you want more? Well, here are also the first Gameplay trailer of Bayonetta 3.