Metal Equipment Online was a stealth third-person shooter computer game for the PlayStation 3. It was an online multiplayer spin-off of the Steel Equipment computer game collection. The starter pack of Online was offered worldwide packed with Steel Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots, with a standalone launch for Japan. The name Metal Gear Online prevails with earlier online components for Metal Gear Strong 3: Subsistence as well as Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Steel Gear Online s North American and also European web servers were closed down on June 12, 2012.

As part of a live stream, Nintendo announced a new expansion package for its Service Switch online. The new subscription should offer players among other things access to some great N64 classics and start at the end of October. Although Nintendo did not yet know how expensive the playback becomes, is already safe: the Switch online upgrade will not be free.

Switch Online: Nintendo offers N64 expansion package

The last Nintendo Direct gave some interesting surprises. So numerous new games were announced and shown, including Bayonetta 3.

During the presentation, Nintendo also introduced a new expansion package for its SWITCH online subscription service. The service allows players so far to play switch games online, backing up their memory data via the cloud and provides access to a steadily growing game library filled with all sorts of NES and SNES classics.

12 months Switch online at Amazon

This game offer is expected to be expanded at the end of October for selected N64 and Sega-Mega-Drive games – including about Super Mario 64, Lylat Wars, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Ecco The Dolphin.

But normal subscribers will remain denied free access to the new games. Instead, Nintendo introduces a two-class company and offers the Switch online subscription after the introduction in two different categories: once with and once without the expansion package.

The complete announcement of the extension of Switch online can you look in the video from 20:57:

Price for the expansion package is still a secret

While Nintendo reveals in his LiveStream, which games will be available in the new switch online subscription, a big secret is made from an important detail: the price. At the moment no one knows how expensive the expansion package will be.

Currently costs 12 months Switch online 19.99 euros. Many players assume that additional costs will be moderate and Nintendo the price will only increase by 5 to 10 euros for the annual subscription.

Nintendo officially does not work on a switch pro – but you will probably still dream …

Thus, the service would continue to be significantly cheaper than Sony PS Plus or the Xbox Game Pass . However, we will have certainty, however, if the Switch online expansion package starts at the end of October.