Both the new Nintendo 64 wireless command and that of Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch announced on the occMega Driveion of the incorporation of their catalogs to Nintendo Switch Online will have more buttons than in their original versions.

Super NES - July 2021 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online
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With a price of 49.99 euros each, these versions of the controls have been left in depth in new lots of images facilitated by Nintendo itself. It is striking, however, that although the design of the chMega Drivesis of both controllers are respected with great fidelity, additional buttons of the Nintendo Switch console family appear.

Thus, in an upper part of both controls we will find a home button , the screen capture button and the synchronization button next to the LED that will indicate the order order of the controls Connected And yes, both will be charged via usb-c , Mega Drive well Mega Drive the editions of NES, SNES and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

The unknit of ZL button of the Nintendo control 64

There is one Mega Drivepect that will especially call attention at Nintendo 64, judging by these images, and is the position of the ZR buttons and zl . In the absence of seeing the rear of Nintendo 64 control, we can confirm that the ZR button will remain just to the left of the R button; It will be very small. For its part, the Z button l is currently unknown, but maybe it is right behind the front, where the original controller had formerly the Z button. We will soon be out of doubt.

With Sega Mega Drive it is still early even to predict the arrangement of these additional buttons, in cMega Drivee there are, since there are missing even buttons of action (the version with six buttons will only be distributed in the Japanese market).

Nintendo 64 catalogs and Sega Mega Drive will be incorporated at some time this month of October 2021 to Nintendo Switch online. To enjoy them, the annual subscription fertilizer (3.99 euros per month; 7.99 euros per quarter, 19.99 euros per year) but a call Expansion package , an additional payment whose price will be revealed later.

Via | Nintendo Everything.