Nintendo has revealed some bad news for those who could be subscribed to the online switch service of the editor. Specifically, it was recently confirmed that the service will go up in price for those who want to access everything offered by Nintendo Switch online. And although the base version of the subscription platform will no longer cost, many of their best functions will now be blocked behind a higher payment wall.

Nintendo recently announced that you will add playable games from Nintendo 64 consoles and Sega Genesis to Nintendo Switch online so subscribers can play on their own device. These titles are joined to the existing NES and Super Nintendo games that are available at this time to play through Nintendo Switch online. And if you wonder how this is equivalent to something that could be considered bad news, Nintendo revealed that these N64 games and Genesis will not be accessible unless you pay for a higher level version of the subscription service. As such, if you are someone who wants to access these titles, you will have to prepare to disburse something more money.

Play a selection of Nintendo 64 games and Sega Genesis with NintendosWitchOnline \ + expansion package!

This new membership plan is launched at the end of October and includes all the functions of the Basic Membership of Nintendo Switch Online. The details about prices, times and more will be shared soon.

  • Nintendo of America (@nintendoamerica) September 23, 2021

However, the most important question that is still surrounding this possible price increase for Nintendo Switch Online has to do with the new real cost. As Nintendo mentioned on the previous Tweet, the finest details on the price and launch of this new service version have not yet been determined. For now, the only thing we know with certainty is that it will be available at some point at the end of October, when Nintendo 64 games and Sega Genesis are formally arrived at online switch.

If there is a positive side in all this situation, it is definitely that those who are already happy with their current subscription of Nintendo Switch Online will not be asked to pay more than they are now. Instead of making the cost of switch online increase as a whole, at least Nintendo is now making it available at different levels. Even so, considering how little the service already offers subscribers, it would have been good to have seen the Titles of N64 and Genesis available on the platform for the current price.

How do you feel with the increase in the price of Nintendo Switch online? Do you feel that Nintendo should have added N64 games and genesis at service at no additional cost? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.