The Nintendo Switch is a video clip game console developed by Nintendo as well as released worldwide in the majority of regions on March 3, 2017. The console itself is a tablet that can either be anchored for use as a residence console or used as a mobile gadget, making it a hybrid console. Its cordless Joy-Con controllers, with typical buttons as well as directional analog sticks for individual input, motion noticing, as well as tactile feedback, can affix to both sides of the console to sustain handheld-style play. They can likewise link to a grip device to provide a standard home console gamepad kind, or be utilized individually in the hand like the Wii Remote as well as Nunchuk, supporting regional multiplayer settings. The Nintendo Switch s software application supports on the internet pc gaming via Web connectivity, in addition to local cordless advertisement hoc connection with various other gaming consoles. Nintendo Switch games and software program are offered on both physical flash-based ROM cartridges and also electronic circulation via Nintendo eShop; the system has no area lockout. A handheld-focused modification of the system, called the Nintendo Switch Lite, was released on September 20, 2019. A modified higher-end model, featuring an OLED screen, is anticipated to be launched in October 2021.
The Nintendo Switch was introduced on October 20, 2016. Recognized in growth by its codename NX, the concept of the Switch transpired as Nintendo s reaction to a number of quarters of economic losses right into 2014, credited to poor sales of its previous console, the Wii U, and also market competition from mobile games. Nintendo s then-president Satoru Iwata pressed the company in the direction of mobile video gaming and unique equipment. The Nintendo Switch s style is targeted at a wide group of computer game players with several modes of usage. Nintendo decided to use even more standard digital components, such as a chipset based on Nvidia s Tegra line, to make growth for the console less complicated for developers and even more suitable with existing game engines. As the Wii U had struggled to obtain outside assistance, leaving it with a weak software library, Nintendo preemptively looked for the assistance of lots of third-party developers as well as authors to help develop out the Switch s video game collection alongside Nintendo s first-party titles, including many independent computer game workshops. While Nintendo at first anticipated around 100 titles for its first year, over 320 titles from first-party, third-party, and independent designers were launched by the end of 2017.
As an eighth-generation console, the Nintendo Switch competes with Microsoft s Xbox One and Sony s PlayStation 4. Nearly 3 million console systems were shipped in its very first month, exceeding Nintendo s initial estimate of 2 million as well as within a year of launch accomplished over 14 million systems sold worldwide, outselling complete life time sales of the Wii U. By the start of 2018, the Switch ended up being the fastest-selling house or crossbreed console in both Japan as well as the USA. As of June 2021, the Nintendo Switch as well as Nintendo Switch Lite have marketed greater than 89 million systems worldwide. Switch sales have actually been highly connected to sales of Nintendo s first-party titles, with six games– The Legend of Zelda: Breath of bush, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Hit Bros. Ultimate, Pokémon Sword and also Shield, and Pet Crossing: New Horizons– having marketed over twenty million devices each.

That a Nintendo console sold as cut bread was not always like that. The Japanese producer carried out a nerve-wracking roller coaster ride over the past 16 years: Nintendo launched the GameCube console at the end of 2001. Four years later, it was clear: The Gamecube was a big flop with only 21.74 million copies sold. At the end of 2006, Nintendo attempted to restart with the Wii without releasing the Technical Wet Tracks with the Contrainments Sony and Microsoft. Instead, the focus was on simple games that settled with innovative input devices.

Thus, Nintendo showed it to all twins, because: The Wii struck a bomb. Until the production stop at the end of 2012, 101.63 million copies went over the counter. But the following Wii u could not build on it: there was a descent that lasts until today. The company, founded in 1889, found only 13.56 million buyers for Wii U and thus significantly subdivided the Gamecube negative record.

Rosiger times thanks to Nintendo Switch

The pitch strasters are now over for Nintendo: Since the 2017 release, the Nintendo Switch has sold proud 84.6 million times (as of May 2021). Thus, the switch has probably overtaken the most successful Nintendo Console Wii in the coming year at the sales. With the Switch, the manufacturer in the Japanese Kyoto has anyway a unique console in the program – a self-confident price of 329 euros. But the gamer has to invest more: with the necessary accessories and at least one game, the costs are cut to 450 euros in the height. In addition, Nintendo is the rule of thumb: games are never permanently cheaper, the price is always on a high level. Why the console is still worthwhile, the detailed test of computer reveals image.

Mobile and stationary: unique concept

Unlike computers and the common consoles Nintendo convinces with a unique concept. Unlike established systems such as Playstation 4 / PlayStation 5 and Xbox One S / Xbox Series X, the switch sets the switch to a type tablet with left and right-side controllers (JOY-CONS). Class: The Joy-Cons can also be removed and composed to a gamepad – for gambling on a large TV. Then the switch is in the supplied dock and at the same time loads the installed battery, which is used on travel. For some time Nintendo has been the cheaper switch Lite on offer, which can be used only in handheld mode and dispensed with a dock.

Mario & Co. gamble on the road

Who moves mobil, is content with the image diagonal of the tablet of 6.2 inches (15.75 centimeters). What noticed immediately: The switch is pleasantly in the hand, but is a bit heavy with 398 grams. The PlayStation Vita Wog only 217 grams. Because the classic switch display works with IPS technology, the image quality is also fine with lateral viewing. However, it shows games with only 1280×720 pixels (720p). Technical highlights such as 4K resolution are correspondingly wishful thinking.

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Because the SWITCH presses the pixels on the comparatively small display, the pixel density with 237 PPI is quite high, the image sharpness also. Lace in the test was color fidelity with a value of 95.9 percent. The maximum brightness of 344.8 candela per square meter is too low to detect enough with strong sunlight. Who puts the tablet in the dock connected via HDMI cable with the TV, slopes on a large field. Then the Switch Console shows games in Full HD with 1920×1080 pixels. Class: Switching from the tablet screen to the TV takes place within a second. Of course, color and contrast reproduction depend heavily on the quality of the TV.

Nvidia with years of experience

The leadership of CPU development took over NVIDIA, the specialist for graphics processors. And with the Shield Tablet already had a similar device in the program in the program, which leased stationary on the TV and mobile. The Shield Tablet has long been buried, but the belief in the concept did not lose the Americans. Thus, NVIDIA now controls the drive unit in Nintendos Switch based on an A57 ARM processor with four cores. As usual in tablets and smartphones, the cores sit on a system-on-a chip (short: soc ) along with the graphics chip. The Maxwell technology used by older PC graphics cards also uses the second generation and has 256 CUDA arithmetic units. This architecture already had the Tegra X1 , which Nvidia had once presented on January 5, 2015 – in the switch is a slightly changed variant.

Switch memory too tight

Also on the SOC is 4 Gigabyte RAM, for apps and games are available to the user 32 gigabyte memory, but only 26 gigabytes can be used effectively – the difference occupies the SWITCH OS operating system. Nowadays, 26 gigabyte storage is a joke, especially for multi-dockers with great games libraries. But do not worry, the memory can be extended by microSD card to up to 2 terabytes. If necessary, move games between the built-in hard drive and inserted microSD.

Nintendo console easy to use

But even with a lush memory assembly, the console brings little when the operation stresses. Luckily, Nintendo lies burn nothing, the operating system is self-explanatory – children like adults can quickly find up. However, the touchscreen entered in the test partially delayed and sporadically only after a second finger tip. Without delays, the Joy Controller transformed entries into the game. This also folded when the computer image testers merged the left and right control unit and used the Joy-CONS as a wireless gamepad. However, the buttons and mini-sticks are above all for larger hands too small, the operation will be a bit fumbling. Nice extra: The two Joy-Cons can be used separately from each other, for example from two gamers with the game collection 1-2-switch and contained titles such as Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck . But who wants to play reasonable, attacks the separately available PRO controller for just under 70 euros. After all, the switch can be converted to a party gag so quickly.

Nintendo Switch: Battery life in the frame

As long as the switch is in the dock and gambling playing on the TV, games do not find any abrupt end. Finally, the power supply supplies the Nintendo console uninterrupted with electricity. When mobile use, the old version of the switch came only just over two hours, the current version creates almost twice. Similar numbers are available at the Switch Lite.

Silent fan protects against heat death

In the test, the switch moved back into the dock in the test to go back to the TV and to load the battery in parallel, it developed with up to 40 degrees a bit of heat – the heat is biasing between the U-shaped holder. But that is harmless, especially since inside a rotating fan components like the processor protects against heat death. And luckily, the fan is hard to hear, the switch is so pleasantly quiet even under full load.

Finally Wi-Fi-AC, NFC continues to series

Not sensational, but pleasing: the switch finally goes through fast Wi-Fi-AC into the network – optionally even in the 2.4-range or in the largely trouble-free 5-gigahertz band. The Wii U sparked over the outdated WLAN N standard and only in the 2,4-Gigahertz range, in which devices such as DECT telephones or baby phones are on the road. Like the predecessor, the switch has the short-range radio NFC on board. This allows special figures ( Amiibo ) by simply holding to the switch to the game or activate special bonuses.

Bluetooth headphones on the switch

Since the system version 13.0, the Nintendo Switch allows the use of Bluetooth headphones. That was not possible before. Whether airpods Pro or Yamaha YH-L700A: Per Bluetooth, there are all sounds of the console without annoying cables. The connection makes users conveniently in the system settings after the update. Important: A maximum of two wireless controllers may be connected, otherwise the Bluetooth coupling is not possible.

Nintendo Switch: Online features

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch also has an afforded online service, which, unlike Sony s PlayStation and Microsoft s Xbox, has relatively inexpensive. For a month, around 4 euros are incurred, three months cost 8 euros and for a whole year, the Japanese call up just under 20 euros. Users get the opportunity to play online with friends. Nintendo offers a large catalog of free NES and super-NES titles as well as additional cloud storage.

Switch OLED instead of Switch Pro

For a long time fans waited for a technical upgrade for the Nintendo Switch, in the rumor kitchen, the name Nintendo Switch Pro brodies. Meanwhile, it is clear: A new switch version is – but without stronger hardware. For the Switch OLED, only the screen is in the foreground set to a name-based OLED panel. The HD or Full HD resolution is retained, the display grows to 7 inches (17.8 inches). Also new: The switch dock has a LAN port and with 64 gigabytes twice as much internal storage space. The Nintendo Switch OLED appears on 8 October 2021 for around 350 euros.

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To the offer at Amazon to the offer at Idealo Nintendo Switch: Conclusion Also 2021 applies: The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for entertaining gaming trips, traveling or for the colorful exclusive titles of the Japanese. The biggest advantage of the switch is the biggest minus point at the same time: large computing power, graphics references or optical delicacies such as the light calculation RayTracing are awarded here. This makes the console timeless, but against the direct competition in the form of PlayStation and Xbox, the technology looks no country. But that does not change the fact that exclusive games like Mario Gold – Super Rush , Monster Hunter Rise and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser s Fury make extremely fun, both in portable mode and stationary on the TV. Bonus points for fans of Indie Games: Many developers simultaneously bring their games to the PC on the switch, while the console competition often looks into the tube.