How good Diablo 2: Resurrected would look like, was clear before release: Already in the playable alpha and beta versions we were able to play the new edition extensively, resulting in several graphics comparisons and reports. But the switch implementation alone held Blizzard as far as possible under closure. A bad sign? For our test, we have now spent more than 15 hours with the switch implementation and give an assessment. There is a momentum of pictures on which we compare the graphics with the PC version. It quickly becomes clear which compromises were needed to be able to play the Remaster on the way.

Update: The article now also includes a video graphics comparison

Good playability

The most important first: Diablo 2: Resurrected also makes a good figure on the Nintendo Switch. The gameplay is identical to the other versions, solely at the online multiplayer, there is a limitation: while clicking on PC, XBox and PlayStation consoles with up to 8 players, the switch version is limited to up to 4 players. In our season, the performance was pleasing, most of the time have reached 30 frames per second, which is enough for liquid games – whether in TV or handheld mode. The well thought-out Gamepad control flows exactly as well as PS5 or Xbox Series X, only restriction here: The cool zoom function from the PC version is unfortunately not. But that seems to be missing in all console versions. At least we could not discover you.
Despite significant graphic smears, the switch implementation leaves a good impression. Source: PC Games

Cross-Save? Functions!

As announced, all versions of Diablo 2: Resurrected a Cross-Save feature. This allows you to transfer your score to other platforms, but it must be mandatory for an online character. So offline heroes should not move. The hero transfer is very pleasant about the hand. At the first start, you only have to connect to your Nintendo account with your account: For this you only need to call up a website, log in to your data and enter a code – done. Thereafter, your online heroes are automatically stored on Blizzard s servers and can be easily played on another device.

Graphic comparison

PC Version Switch version

Full screen comparison

Speaking online: The switch version was also struggling with shaky servers. The next morning everything was fine, we could easily log in and play online on all platforms, which also applies to the switch.

How well is the graphics?

It should probably surprise anyone: For the switch version, Blizzard had to screw up noticeably on the graphic quality to hold a reasonably stable frame rate. All textures are much more orderable than on the other platforms, as well as pretty surrounding details such as grass or some decorative objects are missing. As a result, some locations – for example the burning tristram – have a little bare than in the other versions. In the third act, the degree of detail of the jungle environment was reduced slightly, so the foliage of the trees is not as tight as on the PC, and the vegetation is not animated, but hardly stands out in normal game mode.

To see well on the next image comparison: The PC socket already shows a slightly larger image section in 1080p than the switch version. Incidentally, this also affects the Xbox and PlayStation versions.

Graphic comparison

PC version Switch version

Full screen comparison

Atmospheric effects such as reflections in puddles or other surfaces are completely missing in the switch version. The fire effects also fall compared to the PC less detailed. In addition, the resolution on the Nintendo Switch is also lower in docked mode than in the other versions, so the picture basically works slightly muddy. However, the happening is always easy to read and the writings can still be recognized in handheld mode neatly.

Graphic comparison

PC Switch

Full screen comparison

But the biggest graphic loss is shown in lighting. Compared to the PC version, the switch implementation is clearly lighter, which is due to the greatly reduced shadows and the missing environmental coverage. In this example (below) you can see the difference particularly clearly at the fountain. Such smears must be accepted, here Blizzard has clearly given the frame rate – the right decision. In contrast to the PC, the loading times are noticeably longer, but usually also fall on the switch only a few seconds. So that s no problem. Incidentally, the completely newly rendered videos also look in the switch implementation tip.

Graphic comparison

PC version Switch version

Full screen comparison

How did your Diablo 2: Resurrected?

With graphic smears and only 30 pictures per second, the switch implementation is clearly the weakest version of Diablo 2: Resurrected. But that hardly hurts that fun, because even on the switch, the Action-RPG is well playable and drives all strengths that also distinguish the other console versions. This also applies to handheld mode in which the game also makes a good figure.

What do you think about Diablo 2: RESURRECTED? What innovations have succeeded in which improvements do you miss? Power with our short survey! It s fast, anonymous and without registration. We look forward to your results!

PC Full Picture SliderSwitch

More images comparisons between PC and switch can be found in our picture gallery. (Update: New pictures!)

Picture gallery (Enlarge view for sources)

Developer Blizzard has been violent in criticism for several weeks: the cult studio (u.a. Starcraft, World of Warcraft) is involved in an ugly sexism scandal, more and more women have meanwhile reported harassment at work and unjust treatment. Activision Blizzard has already pulled first consequences, several leading developers had to vacate their items. All backgrounds are in our report, current news about the topic can be found in our news area.

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