If I said once, I said a thousand times: horror games do not mix well with portable consoles. But as people want to spend money for them and that developers want to make money with them, we are there. About six months ago, Nintendo tested the waters of Fanbase FNAF on the switch with the first three games. Shortly after, the VR Five Nights at Freddy s component: Help Wanted came out with a version without VR. Now it s the Nintendo Switch with a frightening trailer.

The trailer of the game Switch port contains all the things you expect from a FNAF game. You have flickering lights, you have animatronics, you have cameras and you are afraid of jumps. Something that PC and VR versions do not have the rumbling function. It remains to be seen if it really improves experience or not, but it is something that the trailer claims. They called it HD GRONDEMENT , which I never imagined to be a selling point. As one of the most recent entries in the series, Help Wanted really looks very nice to the eyes.

As Help Wanted is now an optional VR game, it has exceeded Oculus and PSVR platforms. If you want to play a FNAF game on the way to work, or at this point of the pandemic in the bathroom or something, the Nintendo Switch port can be for you. Five Nights at Freddy s: Help Wanted is now available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Oculus Rift and PSVR.

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Source: YouTube