This summer the version for Nintendo Switch of Pokémon Unite was published, the Moba de la Saga that is being a success around the world, which has led Nintendo to launch the game on mobile devices. Best of all, it is possible Link the account of one platform to another in order to share the data , so we will explain the process in the following guide.

How to link nintendo switch and mobile accounts

Regardless of the version where you have played for the first time, it is possible to access the same saved data from one version or another. Depending on the platform in which you connect for the first time slightly change the steps to follow , so close attention to everything you have to do in order to continue with your games anywhere.

Transfer Nintendo Switch data to mobile devices

GameSharing on Nintendo Switch
If you are from those who started your journey in Nintendo Switch and now you want continue playing from your mobiles , this is what you should do:

Step 1 : Open the game on the mobile in question and on the title screen Select Transfer access to data .
Step 2 : On the login screen you have to select the same account linked in the Nintendo Switch version, either the Nintendo account or the Pokémon coach club.
Step 3 : When the same account has been selected in both versions, the saved data can be accessed on the two platforms.

In the event that you have skipped the first step, the data can not be transferred in any way and therefore it will be impossible to synchronize them. If it has been your case, you will touch you delete the application and reinstall it to start the process from the beginning.

Transfer data from mobile devices to Nintendo Switch

If you are from those who started your journey on a mobile device and now you want keep playing from your Nintendo Switch , this is what you should do:

Step 1 : Access the settings in the mobile version and link the Nintendo account or the Pokémon coach club.
Step 2 : Use exactly the same account in the Nintendo Switch version. Once linked, it can not be reversed.

As simple as this. Yes, if it is open Pokémon Unite in Nintendo Switch without having linked the account, the saved data between both versions may be synchronized, hence you have to follow these steps before starting to play for Do not lose part of the progress that is achieved.

Share Pokémon Unite: How to link the accounts and data from the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions



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