Today you can buy the Switch OLED. But another news is likely to be happy, because Nintendo probably cared for an annoying problem. It s about the controllers of the switch.

This problem is : You can go to your switch and move, without you doing that? Then your console suffers from a disease that many switch players know. The problem is called Joycon Drift. Due to the daily wear, the thumbsticks break and can not be centered exactly in the middle.

Especially if you want to stand still, to see about an opponent or to select things in the menu, that can be extremely annoying. Now Nintendo explained that you want to take care of the problem.

Nintendo wants to significantly improve Joy-Cons s Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch OLED - Before You Buy
Now says Nintendo: In an interview Ask the Developer explains the Deputy General Manager of Nintendo, Toru Yamashita, that you want to deliver the Nintendo Switch OLED with an improved version of the Joy-CONS (via . The new Joy-CONS should also be included with the newer switch models. So you should buy a switch in the near future, then the improved joysticks are already integrated.

Senior Executive Ko Shiota also explains that one works continuously to improve the controller. Above all, you want to improve the durability. For this you have considered broken joycons by customers to better protect the new devices against wear.

Since we have always tried to improve them, we examined the Joy-Controller used by the customers and repeatedly improves wear resistance and durability.

The parts of the Joy-Con-Analogsticks are not something you can buy from the bar, but are specially developed, so we have hired many considerations to improve them. In addition, we have improved the reliability test itself, and we have made further changes to improve durability and to pass this new test.


If you now buy a Nintendo Switch OLED now, then you can be sure that you will already get the improved models of the Joy Controller. How the new console suggests in the test, you can read here for Meinmmo:

Broken Joy-Cons are a permanent topic in the community

Broken Joy-Cons are among the most famous problems of the Nintendo Switch. This is meanwhile even so far that Nintendo is sued in Canada from a law firm because of the drifting of the Joy-CONS (Via And that s not the first case in a number of discussions. There is little surprise that Nintendo revised his controllers so that customers are finally satisfied.

If you want to try a trick against the Joy Con drift, then you can try this process once we have explained in more detail by Meinmmo. However, the trick needs a little practice and skill and takes a small piece of paper next to a matching screwdriver.

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