The Nintendo Switch OLED appears today and should be equipped with the latest and best Joy-con. Just like all other Nintendo Switch consoles currently sold. In a statement, Nintendo explains that the Joy-Con is permanently worked, they had already been improved. However, what was changed exactly because the Group does not reveal and the Joy Con drift problem is not mentioned.

Nintendo Switch OLED - Before You Buy

Nintendo improves the Joy-Con the Switch permanent, says Nintendo

That s why: The new Nintendo Switch OLED is there and brings some improvements. The JOY-CON does not actually belong to it, it is the same Joy-Con, which also work on all other switch models. But in a reasonably surprising and curious statement, Nintendo now explains that constantly worked to improve Joy-con. The OLED switch comes with the latest version.

What does that mean? We do not know that exactly. Nintendo merely explains that with the Switch OLED no new features such as new buttons or the like for Joy-Con Give, but that the analog sticks of the switch controllers are the latest version with all improvements .

The same thing also applies to the analog sticks of the Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite or Separately Sold Joy-CONS as well as for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, at least in the versions currently being sold.

Joy-Con-Drift Adé? With no one word Nintendo mentions in this statement the biggest problem of Joy-Cons, the so-called Joy-Con-Drift . The same is mentioned accordingly whether this problem belongs to the current, new and improved analog stick version of the past.

Probably not: Let the joy-con-drift probably not, as out of Nintendos FAQ shows. This explains Ko Shiota from Nintendos Technik department that wear is unavoidable. That s why Nintendo is mainly due to designing the parts as stable, robust and durable as possible.

Do you have a Switch OLED backed up? Have you noticed any changes to the Joy-Con?