The Best Game Engines for Nintendo Switch [2020]
Nintendo model\/&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwj8786wgr_zAhXVJzQIHVx-DUQQFnoECAYQAg&usg=AOvVaw0A9S9mgVZck1U-12GK9qTF” title=”Switch Oled”>Switch Oled is now available worldwide and, to many, also in Mexico. Although the Great N has spent a couple of months, exciting the public with this new model, they had never revealed exactly why they decided to update their console. Fortunately, A recent interview with the developers of this hardware gives us a look at the process of creating the OLED switch.

In a recent interview published by Nintendo, Ko Shiota, Head of the Technology Development Division, and Toru Yamashita, from the Technology Development Department, revealed that they already had some time exploring the way to improve the switch , And they have pointed out what is the main motivation behind the OLED model. This was what they commented:


In the early stages of development of the Nintendo Switch system, we were considering the development of hardware variations, and our idea was to expand the Nintendo Switch platform in various ways. That s why, we were thinking about launching a new model of Nintendo Switch at some point, after the first release of Nintendo Switch. However, at that time, we had not decided exactly what specific functions we would update, and while we were developing Nintendo Switch Lite, we expected to offer a new model not only for people who buy one for the first time, but also for those who are thinking about buying An additional model after acquiring the original


As Mr. Yamashita mentioned, she also wanted to launch a new model of Nintendo Switch. However, in the conceptual stage, we did not have specific ideas about the functions we wanted to include. Since the launch of Nintendo Switch in 2017, we came up with several ideas, we did some technical tests, we collected those results and finally we create the new model you see now, that we can finally launch. The background story is during the trial and error period, we consider some different technologies, and by referring to how our customers played with Nintendo Switch, we decided the ideas and technologies adopted in the new model.

Instead of creating something completely different, we decided that it would be better to keep the current form and offer a better experience. In other words, we wanted to refine existing functions and design. That perspective led to the technical decisions that we finally took.

Similarly, it was mentioned that the switch OLED did not introduce something completely new, since they wanted to make all the console games could be enjoyed at the top three models available so far, something that maybe Be a disappointment for more than one person.

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Editor s note:

I can understand that the switch OLED does not have more powerful components to avoid the division that was created in the New Nintendo 3DS, something that was not fully used, but offering a new chip with more power, or something similar was probably possible. The new model is basically similar to version 1.1 inside, the exterior is its greatest change.

Via: Nintendo.