For a long time fans have been waiting for a new Nintendo Switch, in the room often stood a pro version with 4K resolution and the extended dynamic range HDR. Pust cake! The new console listens to the name Switch OLED and is above all one: pretty much straight to its predecessor. The biggest innovation is the name-based OLED screen with 7 inch image diagonal. Computer picture was allowed to test the new switch and says, for whom the acquisition may be worthwhile. The detailed test follows all results from the laboratory.

Display of Switch OLED as a highlight

The focus of the few innovations is the 7-inch OLED screen, which is thus slightly larger than the 6.2-inch display of the classic switch. Interesting: Already when unpacking, experienced switch-gamblers that the console has not really got bigger – it s just exactly 3 millimeters. The new screen size is due to the colorful OLED panel, which does not require additional backlight and slightly darker in the test than the normal switch. The console can but more art pieces.

Chic color, great sound

Nintendo applies the Switch OLED with a white color scheme, which looks high quality at first sight. The Joy-CONS – so the controllers on both sides – can be removed again. That was not possible with the Switch Lite. Great: Joy-Cons as well as charging station can be used mutually both at the normal switch and the switch OLED, the connections and interfaces are identical. The built loudspeakers also came to the lift and have been revised. In the test, the sound was actually better than the classic, which is also due to the new alignment. Any sound is played down and no longer to the back. However, great hi-fi quality do not expect buyers and buyers. But especially in handheld and TV mode as mini-TVs, the boxes on the underside make good work. A jack for headphones as well as the option for Bluetooth sound is on board.

Nintendo Switch OLED - Before You Buy

Custom fun in three modes

For the table mode, Nintendo has improved: Instead of a small hinged sleeves, the Switch OLED is now on a wide stand, which offers more support than before. Of course, the console is also back as a handheld traveling or usable on the couch, in the style of a modern Gameboy. Battery life was not quite five hours in the first test. All matches of the previous switch are of course compatible with the new technique, as a store are 64 gigabytes (previously 32 gigabytes) ready.

Those who prefer to watch on the TV, which reaches the dock for the TV mode, which deals with the scope of delivery. Here users park the switch for loading operations (via USB-C) and the direct connection to the TV. For the first time, the switch can be connected via the dock via LAN cable, to which especially gamers for a stable Internet connection like to resort. According to reports, the new dock is even ready for 4K content with 60 frames per second. So maybe a switch pro follows a later time.

Price and Availability of Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED is available from 8 October 2021 at a price of around 360 euros. The variants are available and the well-known combination neon-blue / neon-red. However, interested parties should not think about a purchase too long, because usually the quotas are quickly out of print at dealers.

Nintendo Switch OLED in the test: Conclusion

Although it is still too early for a final verdict, but first the results have to be available from the laboratory. But as expected: The whole big litter is the switch OLED not. Of course, the display is a bit bigger and the picture really chic, the light changes to design and construction are nice. But whoever has a classic switch and is not completely convinced by the aforementioned things, who probably drives better with the cheaper classic.