You have barely spent three months since the Nintendo Switch SWITCH presentation, the new revision of Nintendo Switch that will become part of the Nintendo Switch family by the original model and Nintendo Switch Lite. Despite the improvements that the new model includes, its presentation caused some disappointment among the readers of 3D Games, who expected another type of advertisement.

The screen is glass and includes an adhesive protector already installed The OLED model of Nintendo Switch is identical internally to the other versions, it does not have a new CPU or more RAM, and among its novelties, the most important focuses On the screen, which stands out for its 7-inch OLED panel . This screen, unlike the original Nintendo Switch, is crystal, and includes a protective adhesive factory .

This film avoids the dispersion of crystals in case of break This adhesive is almost imperceptible but, from The Vise, they have spoken of the importance of it to prevent the crystal from breaking into small sharp fragments that They can cause us damage. This adhesive film avoids the dispersion of the crystals in case of breakage, in addition to protecting it from scratches . The manual of the new Nintendo Switch OLED includes a warning in this regard, where Nintendo reminds us that we should not take off this adhesive film .

Nintendo has confirmed that this protective film does not interfere when adding a new screen saver , we will be able to adhere to this film without this any problem. The arrival at the Nintendo Switch OLED market is surprising with some changes that we had not had a perseverance by Nintendo, as the inclusion of HDMI 2.0 at its new base.

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