Yutorbus Life , which was popular as a Youta-Life simulation, has launched a PS4 and Nintendo switch edition of the subsequent Yuta Bus Life 2 from 8th.

This is the purpose of being a manifestation simulation that the main character is growing by growing in Yuturu, and to edit and upload it directly from the stage to edit and upload to editing and uploads. The stage of this work is NewTube City (NewTube City), which can be found in various places in a variety of sites and can find the contents with other Youtivers. You can also check various statistics, such as Okay, or Subscriber Number, and Hits.

In addition, in Yuota Life 2, Yutor in the real world will also appear. You can get missions and advice from these seniors, and may be popular through collaboration with them.

Yuta Bus Life 2 is officially released on December 9, which has been in advance, and the price is 42,800 won. Formulate Korean.