NIS America has actually revealed that Monark Monark– a video game created by previous Shin Megami Tensei developers— will launch on February 22 in The United States And Canada as well as February 25, 2022, in Europe for Computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

The statement was revealed in a new trailer showcasing the different adversaries the lead character will come across in Monark. The very first one is Kurama Hitotsubashi, that takes control of as student council head of state after the previous student, Hinata Nozomi, was eased of her function.

Subaru Ikariya is a disturbing first-year student that reviews the occult as well as the dark arts at the library every day. He s additionally been threatening fellow trainees by asserting that he s behind the unusual events tormenting Shin Mikado Academy. Hayate Tsumabuki is a teacher at the academy that numerous trainees admire for his mild temperament.

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There are additionally the Tono doubles, Akane and Sumire. Akane is the older of both as well as is nicknamed the White Swan of Shin Mikado. She has an innocent air concerning her and is lovesick. Sumire is the Black Swan of Shin Mikado and also is fairly flirty with guys around the academy.

The last enemy revealed is Yoru, a mysterious entity that appears in the lead character s desires. Her look is obscured, being a black silhouette with glitched effects.

Monark was very first revealed back in June, as well as NIS America shortly after confirmed computer as one more release platform for the West.