Anne with an E est une série télévisée canadienne en 27 épisodes de 44 minutes créée d après le roman Anne… la maison aux pignons verts de Lucy Maud Montgomery et diffusée du 19 mars 2017 au 24 novembre 2019 sur le réseau CBC et dans le reste du monde sur Netflix.
Au Québec, elle est diffusée à partir du 5 août 2017 sur ICI ARTV et à partir du 16 septembre 2017 sur ICI Radio-Canada Télé.

Nintendo Switch controllers are an absolute necessity. If you have only used Joy-Con so far, A) I m really sorry, and b) there is a better solution. I was good with Joy-Cons until the first time I held a pro controller in my hands. From this moment, JOY-Cons have been considered urgently use only. If you are not obsessed with the idea of ​​keeping you with the first part equipment, Powera offers excellent alternatives. Like the spectra, who is like a pro controller, only he shines!

There are of course some differences. Features that have been added or deleted, and so on. But the main point to remember about the Spectra Switch controller is the following: it feels good and it lights up. Everything else is minor in the face of these facts. You can switch between eight different colors or simply adjust the controller to browse them at a constant rate. You simply press the button to select your preference, and the light show begins. Each hue is clear, clean and beautiful. Am I mentioned that he feels as good?

Powera has more or less landed on its ideal controller design from a mechanical point of view. This is the second Powera Switch controller I covered for the site, and both are comparable in terms of tactile return quality. Each button is responsive and satisfying, even if it is a bit noisy. The triggers have the right amount of donation, the sticks move as I would prefer and the buttons are smooth. This is not exactly at the original Pro controller, but the passage from one to the other is mainly lateral. The only thing I m still not totally convinced, these are the additional entries programmable at the back of the unit.

For their defense, it s a great idea. You can not develop the functionality of a controller without taking into account the ease of use. Their position directly under your index is as practical as possible. No additional movement is required! The only disadvantage is that of muscular memory. Work with a controller in the first place is to bring your reflexes packaged to a productive end. Add a brand new set of movements to this deep lizard braincoat cake is a difficult sale, at least depending on my experience. Maybe with enough time and attention, even a scrub like me could find a sense of these additional contributions. For now, they remain a curious and foreign footage note.

The configuration of my living room allows things like cables and cords. This means that the cable status of the spectra is at worst a minor disadvantage. In addition, this wired connection means that you have access to a headphone jack. You will not find that on the PRO Controller, despite the wireless functionality. Unfortunately, the spectra also lacks any kind of motion controls. So what benefit does it have compared to a complete controller like the pro? That would be the price. The spectra costs about half the price of the pro, while being comparable in terms of touching touch. RGB lighting is the cherry on the cake when affecting affordability.

Getting out of the joy-con course can be terribly expensive if you keep things only for the first part. Third-party equipment can be an attractive alternative, but there are often serious disadvantages. With the POWERA range, you know exactly what you get or do not get. A ticket half price for actual orders will cost you wireless functions and motion control, yes. But you also have access to this sweet RGB aesthetic. Do not forget the headphone jack! This offer will not be soft enough for some. On the other hand, if you are ready to direct a reduced crew, this controller will be very useful. Whether you are looking for bright colors or best deals, the Powera Spectra Switch controller is an excellent choice.