With Little Bug, Publisher RedDergames introduces the BitterSußen Adventure platform of the developer Buddy System, which appears for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In Little Bug, you have to coordinate two playable characters that serve a physics-based vibration mechanism in real time and share them.

The young city girl Nyah can go about and cancel objects while her companion, a light spirit, fly and explore dark areas.

Nyah takes it in the game in an eerie world, in the dangerous pink ghosts resting rest in bottomless canyons, icy caves and moonlit deserts.

With their ghost companion in tow, Nyah uses their telekinetic beam to make a powerful connection that Nyah swing into new heights, destroy barriers, thwart spirits and brighten the path to secret places.

Collectible fragments continue to reveal Nyah s life and special objects, clear secret challenge levels.