The party preparations are almost completed: Nintendo will release Mario Party Superstars (from 59.99 € at pre-order) on October 29 2021 for Switch. The collection contains five classic playboards from the N64 era and 100 mini-games from the entire range. Below is Nintendo an overview of the game boards, mini-games and game modes.

Overview of the game features (according to the manufacturer):

5 classic playboards of Mario Party Games for Nintendo 64: Yoshis Tropen Island, Space Country, Peach s Birthday Cake, Woody s Forest and Horror Country – All of them were redesigned for Nintendo Switch and attract each with their own unique events.
3 Multiplayer options: The more guests, the fun of the party. That s why Mario Party Superstars offers three ways to fall in the multiplayer game fun – no matter if you just play a few short mini-games with friend: play inside or to compete for a 30-round marathon.
Bis to four friend: inside can compete on a console with and against each other, if each: R has a controller.
The local multiplayer mode is open to you if you all have your own Nintendo Switch and a copy of the game.
Online Again all can go together to the game board, which have internet access and a Nintendo account as well as a member of Nintendo Switch online .
Sticker: While players: collect stars on the game board, you can use stickers to communicate with each other .
Poubles complacent?: In the board game mode, lots with friend are stored in after each round. This allows the party to be paused at any time and continued later.
100 Mini Games: A total of 100 mini-games from the entire Mario Party series are included, including the categories of each counter-any, 2-Vs.-2, 1-Vs.-3 and duel-mini-game. They all are played with button control.
Minization-mountain: The Mini Game Mountain is the ideal point of contact for those who want to attack a few mini-games. Seven different variants are available here: free choice, cooperative team match, trio challenge, sports and puzzles, super sera, coin fight and daily challenge. The mini-game mountain can also be climbed over all three multiplayer ways.

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