The preparations for the daily advent Advent calendar 2021 are again in full swing again this year and in the background in the final features.

This year we would like to play as many daily advent users as possible with games and pricing to warm to all of them for their trust, their visit and their daily support.

Thus, we are very happy about the support of our numerous partners who have provided us for you with great prices and games.

daily advent Advent Calendar 2021

Every day we are giving away numerous prizes among all daily advent members. Every day, great games will fill the respective door of the daily advent Advent calendar 2021. As usual, we start slowly and increase us from week to week. The very large doors are spiked from 20 to 24 December 2021 with other profits. But also the Advent Sundays, Nicholas and many more days will hopefully inspire you.

daily advent Advent calendar 2021 Raffle Rules

Daily gains: In order to be there daily with the daily advent Advent Calendar Draw, you have to write at least five comments to five different news every day. Anyone who wrote five comments on five different news a day automatically lands in the daily draw.

Spam Note : The daily advent Advent calendar is about leaving its opinion in a proper comment on five different news topics and not for example to post five times under the Advent Calendar News. So five ordinary comments with an opinion on the topic of five different news on the same day. Who spammers, whose account we will exclude from the draw immediately and, if necessary, lock the account.

Process: Daily we open a door in the New Year’s News of the Day. With your five comments to five different news of the day you collect your participation and automatically participate in the daily advent calendar draw. If you write fewer comments on the day, does not end up in the daily draw.

As with all sweepstakes, this time our general terms and conditions apply.

Roblox Advent Calendar 2021 | Unboxing & Review

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Please inform this message and the daily advent calendar goals with your friends and acquaintances, so that the Advent calendar will be a complete success in 2021, and we can continue 2022.

The daily advent Advent calendar is our thank you to you for a successful and exciting year 2021. At the same time, we would like to share our appreciation with you and let each one of you know that we are very happy to appreciate you here. She makes daily advent every day to something special and that is certainly not self-evident in today’s time.

The entire daily advent team wishes you a great advent calendar time!