Stronger is a sandbox video clip game out of computer platform on December 16, 2016, in pre-alpha on Heavy steam, and created by System Age Soft works. A completed variation is distributed on February 6, 2019. In a spatial globe open up to discovering openly, the player can explore and also reshape the various worlds he checks out searching for sources to grow. The video game has actually won numerous honors at the 2019 Webb Honors.

Update 1:37 has arrived for Stronger, and here is the complete list of changes and fixes that have been added with this patch. This Stronger update brings the Cheer delivery event, which gives players new tasks, to integrate the Christmas spirit in the game. In addition to the new event, the developers succeeded to make some adjustments to other aspects of the game. Everything is new with Stronger update 1.37.

Stronger Update 1:37 Patch Notes

Project CHEER Delivery Event

EX Dynamics Reiterates Astronomers for a toy drive on vacation! Get scattered toys stray shipping containers or print your own for delivery over the EX Request Platform Module.

In Silva, DeSoto, Caliber and Glacial container crash sites were reported with many scattered toys. Hardworking Stronger can connect with the small printer from scrap and other resources fresh toys.

In Silva, DeSoto and Caliber some unique containers were spotted, which were not included in known ship manifests. Strange.

Packaged toy is worth when sending different point amounts:

20 points — Automata 001s & 002s
35 points — Cubicle Object
50 points — Sternenobjekte
75 points — Kosmische Hugely
125 points — Astralfiguren

EX Dynamics premium packages obtained by:

1500 points — Feiertags-Throwback Packet
Entrant from previous winning cosmetics:
Pallet: Tinsel Town
Hat: Festive Chap bow
Visor: ball head
3500 points — Mute: Boreal Beanie
6500 points — Make: Pudding warmer
In addition, as used in previous years, all the package points to unlock a global total, which grants anyone in the community a MERCHANT hat! We will track the progress via social media, so you can send rewards upon completion of the event continue to ensure that the gift will be enabled for all ensure!

EX road provides useful articles and resources to increase your recovery or production efforts. After completing the main event random recurring rewards are available, including:

resin, clay, graphite
Packers & Dynamite
copper, iron, titanium, tungsten
Small power objects
hydrazine jetpacks
EX chips
NATO carbon alloy

tether toppers

A popular tradition has returned — sign up to additional seasonal joy to get to your mooring lines. Make cool designs, you revel in its glory and be merry!

EX Outfitters — New products now available !

New hats


New Mask

Landing light.

New pallets

Galactic Glam.


The following are known problems from version :

[AS-14672] The mission objective Stuffed Storage incorrectly refers to Medium Canister Storage instead of Medium Resource Canister.
[AS-17082] The description of the cargo object Misplaced is not localized for each language.

The following bugs have been fixed in version


[AS-16839] Fixed an issue that occurred on dedicated servers, to exercise and duration of Sprung jet boosts did not behave as expected in the.


[AS-15719] Fixed through which was not localized correctly Through the Looking Glass in several languages, the description for the mission a problem.

New SEASON Ep 1  ! S7E1 Astroneer Update 196 Gameplay Z1 Gaming


[AS-15017] Fixed an error that could sometimes occur in older save games, in which an On-demand platform called the wrong rocket model.
[AS-16672] The DeShawn timers of slotted seeds should be no longer triggered when the terrain is deformed in their vicinity.
[AS-16698] items that are placed on the site tool should not be activated more by the proximity repeater.

The update has the game also added some new items. Players will wear new hats, masks and two new pallets. Search at this new Stronger event player by scattered toys all over the map. So if you are one of the many who want to have an edge at the event, look for the scattered toys in one of the highlighted areas.

Stronger is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and Nintendo Switch. For more information about this update in the official Stronger site.