The new map caldera of Call of Duty: War zone is online. We inform you in the live ticker if there are problems.

What’s going on at War zone? More than 1.5 years after the release Call of Duty: War zone gets a new, big map: The Pacific Volcano Island Caldera.

As part of the first joint season with Call of Duty: Vanguard, the new map goes online at 6 pm on December 8th. However, not all players can visit the island paradise.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the release of the new map, and we accompany the publication live in our ticker. Should there be problems, you will find reactions of the developers here and then know exactly whether other players have similar problems or looks like a possible solution.

COD War zone: Caldera Release in the Live ticker

Update — 18:25: It piles reports about problems on the Xbox consoles. We keep your eyes open to a possible solution.

Update — 17:50: Continue no problems with the servers. But unfortunately it is clear that there is no FOR slider on the consoles.

In addition, the playlist is smaller than expected. For now, there are only Vanguard Royale 4er and 2 versions of Rebirth Island — Revival 4er and Mini Royale 3er

Update — 17:40: The new War zone map went online and the servers are now available again. So far, there are no reports on server problems.

We bind you here the Launch Trailer, which conveys a good impression of the new map:

Pacific update from War zone: Expiration of the publication

Here are the most important dates to release in the overview:

WARZONE NEW MAP IS SO AMAZING????! CoD Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Live Stream Now!
Start of Preloads: 08.12 at 6:00
Server Downtimes: 08.12. From 6:00 to 18:00
Start Pacific Update: 08.12. At 18:00
Access Caldera for Vanguard Buyer: 08.12. At 18:00
Access Caldera for non-buyers: 09.12. At 18:00

What can I play at the start when I have not bought Vanguard? Most modes to start the pacific update play on the new map caldera and are therefore not available yet.

However, there will be 2 modes on the smaller map Rebirth Island. The changes to the Pacific Update are already in the game and the almost 40 new weapons you can already play.

But Caldera remains locked for you until 9th ​​December at 6 pm.

What does the playlist look at the start?

Vanguard Royale (Caldera)
Revival (Rebirth Island)
Mini Royale (Rebirth Island)

What is there still to know the release of the new map? You want to inform you now about the new map and the pacific update, you will find all the important details here:

Everything for download and preload of the Pacific Update
The patch notes about the new map
First gameplay of the new map — Everywhere on the map is cover!
First reactions to the new Caldera map in Cod War zone
10 Significant changes in COD War zone, which expect you to the Pacific Update
Season 1 of War zone and Vanguard — All information about Content

The roadmap of the Season 1 we bind you here:

Are you there for the release today or are you more pursuing the approach Never Play on Release Day ? Let us like to participate in your thoughts in the comments.

If you prefer to read more about the first reactions, then you will find here the community reactions to the new anti-cheat system: new map of COD War zone starts without better anti-cheat: They want to ruin the launch