It has been hard but at the end, after a long wait, we have the first official trailer of the Halo series in which he has worked producer Steven Spielberg for years. As part of the game awards 2021, this long-awaited production of Paramount + in which we will see the Master Chief played by Pablo Schreiber, as well as other Spartan fans who know the Halo novels.

The Halo series premieres on Paramount + 2022 Although somewhat short this first look at the Halo series allows us to see the high level of production that holds the new work of Paramount, plus see how they look the protagonists’ series. In addition to the Master Chief, the series recovers other essential characters of the saga as Dr. Catherine Halsey, played by Natascha McElhone, or of course Cortana, which gives voice Jen Taylor. The cast is completed by other performers like Charlie Murphy, Havana AQMI, Danny Japan or Beseem Woodbine among others.

After an eventful production of several years that ended sweeping away several of its leaders, the history of the series will follow a different path to video games. Microsoft itself delved into this weeks ago. We want people to experience it differently. What we ask people with the series, said the director of Tasmania products 343 Industries, Kiki Wolf kill, it is to relax on the couch and tell them that we will present them one side of the Master Chief who just do not get to try the games.

Halo The Master Chief Collection Launch Trailer [Official]

This trailer comes just hours after the release of the last game of the saga. Still you have not made the leap to the new adventure of the Master Chief? We recommend taking a look at our analysis of Halo Infinite.