Nintendo has not stopped celebrate successes thank you encourage switch. Yesterday we knew the sales figures of the hybrid console during the Black Friday Week, a historical number for the console, achieving its best November month since it came to the market in 2017. Some extraordinary numbers that arrive in the middle of a serious problem of scarcity.

Nintendo Building New HQ to Expand Development With Less Outsourcing

Nintendo seeks to depend less on subcontracted development Kyoto do not seem to be intended to release the accelerator foot, immersed in an ambitious expansion plan for its capacity for video game, with an investment of 880 million of dollars. In a Nikkei report of which ECO NGC has been done, we have been able to know that the company will expand its offices with the aim of increasing the internal development of games, being able to dispense with part of the subcontracted development.

The new building will be built at the place of the former headquarters on the one hand, Nintendo has rented the sixth and seventh floors of the new building Government of the Kyoto Sanitary Works Office, available May 2022. This is next to the current headquarters of Nintendo and will serve to expand the development resources of the company. The new entry of employees will be supported by the city of Kyoto, which will contribute to 1.4 million dollars per year based on the number of new hires, over the next three years.

The other great expansion project of Nintendo will be centered on Construction of a new building located at the site of its former headquarters. The company is located at a time of great growth not only in the world of video games, the Super Mario film is almost ready and Nintendo does not rule to take the cinema other success franchises, projects that add to other great bets such as the of Super Nintendo World.