Due to the Pacific Update Call of Duty: War zone was greatly revised. In addition to a new map, the weapons from COD came: Vanguard into the game. However, they have the so-called Bloom in the luggage. This ensures that balls land in another place than that you actually targeted. Bloom was reduced with the latest update, but is still in weaker form in War zone active.

What is the problem with the Bloom? The balls from the weapons of COD: Vanguard have a great scatter. This means that you do not necessarily make the place you are targeting, but deviate with a certain scattering. The so-called Bloom has now found its way into the war zone through the Pacific Update.

There, the weapons are usually quite accurate. Only on greater distances or in certain weapons one recognizes a greater scattering.

The problems with the new weapons in COD War zone were so great that a hotfix came directly with the first patch. Not only did he reinforce all the weapons from Vanguard in the damage, but also reduces the scattering. However, the developers are not completely removed.

But that should come in the future.

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Scattering the balls of over 172 pixels

How bad was the Bloom in front of the patch? On the YouTube channel Truegamedata, the scattering of the weapons was analyzed exactly. For this purpose, the distance of 57 meters was chosen and always on the same position with 10, sometimes 11, shots shot:

Some weapons come to a distance of over 100 pixels
The biggest bloom effect had the PPSH-41 with 172 pixels
For comparison: Characters in War zone are large at the distance about 150 pixels
However, Sniper weapons from Vanguard should have met fairly precisely

The Bloom did not care well among the players. They felt for her skill betrayed, as it was pure coincidence, whether she met an enemy or not.

How is it according to the patch? In the patch Notes states that the Bloom was drastically reduced for all weapons from Vanguard. By the way, the changes apply only for the war zone, not for Vanguard itself.

However, in the Reddit, many players still complain that the scattering was too big.

On Saturday night, about the user Sorby420 complained on reddit and asked, Is this the new Bloom mechanics or are it just bad servers? It feels like that happened in every Gulag.

Suitable for this he showed a video, where he could not meet his counterparty in the Gulag, though he shot directly on his head.

Bloom is completely removed from War zone, but that costs time

What do the developers say to a removal of Bloom? In the patch Notes it says they are working on an adjustment. But the costs time and needs to be tested because the balance of the weapons is linked to the respective Bloom:

In the future, we will remove Bloom completely from the Vanguard weapons. This process will take some time as we need to determine appropriate disadvantages to compensate for the removal of Bloom, which depend on each weapon and the type of essays.

When exactly the change is made, so it is not yet known.

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