The Geminis are the toughest to second-strongest meteor current of the year with an optimum around the 14th of December. His radiant (the factor from which the shooting celebrities seem to find to come) is scarce north of the bright star Castor (α Geminorum) in the constellation of doubles (Latin Gemini), which provided the name.

In the daily advent Advent calendar, numerous games are hidden daily, which we will be giving away among all participants individually.

Every day you have the opportunity to win with your 5 comments to 5 different news of the day a of the following prices:

daily advent Advent calendar door 15 prices

Crisis Remastered Trilogy
Pumpkin Jack
Dr awful 2
Fishing Adventure

daily advent Advent calendar 2021 Raffle Rules

Daily gains: In order to be there daily with the daily advent Advent Calendar Draw, you have to write at least five comments to five different news every day. Anyone who wrote five comments on five different news a day automatically lands in the daily draw.

Process: Daily we open a door in the New Year’s News of the Day. With your five comments to five different news of the day you collect your participation and automatically participate in the daily advent calendar draw. If you write fewer comments on the day, does not end up in the daily draw.

LEGO Advent Calendar 2021 - Day 15

Note: All winners will be informed about their profit via private message from @muddatui. Make sure that your @muddatui adds here to daily advent to your friends list or your friend inquiring answers to contact you with a private message.

Spam Note : The daily advent Advent calendar is about leaving its opinion in a proper comment on five different news topics and not posted five times under the Advent Calendar News. So five ordinary comments with an opinion on the topic of five different news on the same day. Who spammers, whose account we will exclude from the draw immediately and, if necessary, lock the account.

As with all sweepstakes, this time our general terms and conditions apply.

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The entire daily advent team wishes you a great advent calendar time!