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Update 6 has arrived for The advancement, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. No new additions were made in this update, but the developers have managed to repair and optimize a few things on the game. The changes are a bit subtle, but they will improve the feeling. Everything is new with The Ascent Update 6.

The patches for Ascent Update 6


We have added a build number to all versions of ‘The Ascent’ to resolve future community problems. The number can be found in the lower right corner of the main menu. Please use this number if you report problems, thank you!

Gameplay (all platforms)

A problem has been resolved in which some objects could not be properly equipped when using Tran smog.
It has been fixed a problem in which the Newt MEL grenades could be fired through certain thin walls.

translation (all platforms)

Smaller corrections and improvements were made on the translation throughout the game. We will continue to work on improving the translation.

Miscellaneous fixes (all platforms)

Fixed a handful of smaller collision-related issues.

We are also very pleased to inform you that Voice Over has now been added to all co-missions! Previously, these missions were subtitled without VO.

Side missions are now completely sprayed

The Ascent Update 6: Winter Pack, Side Quest Voice Over, And More!
The Ascent is the first game that uses altered augmented voice technology, a new Bio-based tool to improve human voices to create a number of custom voices for new dialog lines. Previously, we had used for some of our NPCs specifically for co-missions alien voices with subtitles. We met with altered together to give real voices, so that the world of Voles feels more alive! Altered has helped us to set over 800 lines spoken of 40 NPCs with its groundbreaking technology.

In terms of troubleshooting and error corrections, this update has not brought much. This patch has made a few corrections on some objects and a weapon, but the biggest Newton is the following this time. The game will now offer more than 700 language lines for 40 NPCs. This new addition will make the game of professional feel and look like. Supporting missions will feel even more cinematic than after this update.

The ascent is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X. For more information about this update, visit the Official ASCENT Twitter page.