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Uncharted Lake Collection of Thieves: Graphic Comparison between PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5

Uncharted: Legacy Collection of Thieves , the remLegacy Collectiontered collection of the two deliveries of the Saga Uncharted from PS4 (Uncharted 4: The misconduct of the thief and uncharted: the lost legacy) for PS5 , it goes on sale in just two days, although in Meditation we have already been able to test both titles to offer a complete analysis. And to alleviate the wait until its official launch, we want to review the data of a detailed graphic comparative and performance published by the YouTube channel The Bits analyst and from which data are extracted among the versions of PS4 , PS4 PRO and PS5 of both video games.

RemLegacy Collectionter of uncharted to test

Thus, uncharted games for PS4 offer a resolution of 1080p to 30fps , while at PS4 pro are reached 1440p keeping them 30fps . On the other hand, the remLegacy Collectiontered versions in PS5 offer up to three graphic modes with their own frame rates per second. So much so, that in Fidelity mode the game runs to 2160p / 30fps , while in Performance mode it does it to 1440p even if climbing 60fps . The third option is the call performance + with a resolution of 1080p although offering an image rate per second of 120fps .

At the level of loading times, in PS5 are practically nonexistent , while graphic Legacy Collectionpects such Legacy Collection the anisotropic filter or Drawing distance of geometry and certain elements have been improved. Shadow improvements are limited to shaded in the distance and no texture level improvements have been applied. Legacy Collection a curiosity, the games in PS4 occupy 104.63 GB , while in PS4 Pro reach 107.08 GB ; For its part, in PS5 it is reduced to 68.92 GB thanks to the new data compression techniques.

Uncharted: Legacy Collection of Thieves Arch to stores next January 28, 2022 for PS5 (with PS4 update to PS5 for 10 euros and the possibility of spending your games and Trophies to the new Sony system). The version of pc at the moment does not have a launch date.

Sunday Tose, its popular game 3 kinds of events

Sunday Loses said on the 26th that it will proceed with its popular mobile game ‘Knifing 3’, ‘Knifing Sichuan’, ‘Knifing 4’.

The ‘Knifing 3’, which gains a solid response from a variety of age groups, is a Bags Money Event to receive various items and character drawings such as Heart and Thunder bang whenever it clears the stage from January 26 to February 1 Open. In the attendance event, which can only receive a variety of items, we will present a limited edition character ‘Snow Beam Lucy, which is the last seven days, and will add a holiday atmosphere.

The Knifing Sichuan, which is popular in the women’s popularity, commemorates the New Year holidays, Making Annie’s Guys from January 26 to February 8th. This event that increases the size of various sizes obtained by stage play, the event that increases the size is the content that is ranked in the size of the combined rice cake. Especially, we expect to be a diverse gift that will be a diverse gift for a diverse gift and a group consisting of a group consisting of a conception that applies a concept of reinforcing to the combination of rice cake. In addition, various items that receive up to 500 coins, depending on the size of the rice cake, and a variety of items that are received as a daily mission are also expected to benefit from users.

In recent years, the Knifing 4, which is a large update in the first half, is also the Proceed to the event. As a result of the result of the result of the result of the deceased, the number of people who gathered with the connection, puzzle play, etc., the ‘윷 play bout, which receives the item, and it is in the way that 10 people compete on January 27 to February 10th. The two daily hot-time hot-time hot-time hot-time voters to give participants twice the participants will be afraid that they will be more fun to have fun.

The Sunday Those official said, I expect the Events of the people who have a holiday atmosphere and the recipient of the animals, and the game design, said the event, said the event,

On the other hand, Sundays’ holidays will be held for more than 1 million users, and Sunday Loses will continue 24-hour monitoring and customer response for stable service with special event progress.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Crossplay and Cross Save Details

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is finally here, bringing to both longtime fans and newcomers to the franchise what seems to be the best Yu-Gi-Oh game in a long time, thanks to its design, cross play and cross save features, smooth gameplay, as well as the insane amount of cards and packs players can use to assemble their dream decks and climb the ranks. With that said, and to make sure you are ready to dive in, here’s everything you need to know about both the cross play and cross save features present in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

Cross play and Cross Save Details

As we said above, the game offers players the ability to play against others no matter their platform of choice, thanks to its cross play feature, which is enabled by default as your start the game. To be able to use the game’s cross save feature, on the other hand, players need to link their accounts by making use of their INAMI IDs.

How to Cross Save in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

You can cross-save in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel by first starting the game on any of the platforms on which it is available. After going that, you just need to head to the game’s submenu and locate the Data Transfer tab, located below Customer Support. After clicking on it, you will be asked to log in using your INAMI ID, which you can also create by following the link offered by the game. Once you link your account, you just need to follow the exact same steps on the other platforms to share your progress.

Now that you know everything you need to know about both the cross play and cross save features present in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, don’t forget to check out how to craft cards, the best card packs, as well as the best starting deck in the game.

You can currently play Yugo Master Duel in PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and both Android and iOS devices.


– This article was updated on January 25th, 2022

Retro Dofus: Choosing its monocount class, which character for mono 1.29 servers

The retro doffs monocount servers arrive on Wednesday 30/09 at 15h. Being pre-registered , you normally already reserved your username and choose your class. However, if you want to change (Attention, it is Can not create a character on the 6 main servers) or are not pre-registered, the most important choice of your retro Doffs game experience is still at To do !

So we will try to span you on the different game plays offered and how to decide your class to play on the servers DOFFS retro monocount . Attention, you have to take a character that suits you above all. If the CRA is obviously the Basic Top-Tier for the Rush of Servers 1.29 , Spam The arrows for Farm is not the most fun activity!

If you intend to play on the servers Temporal , we advise you instead this article, taking into account the different liabilities.

Last update: January 2022

Which class choose for retro monocount doffs: the recap

You are in a hurry and want to go straight to goal ? Your friends are waiting for you and you absolutely need in the next 10 seconds? A little glance in the table below should help you decide from our selection of the top recommended for Enjoy the maximum Retro monocount servers!

Classes recommended for a monocount on retro doffs


The CRA, often mocked , remains the strongest choice to play on retro doffs. The class is very powerful at a distance, giving it a particular advantage compared to others on this same slot. It can also boast a very good potential to maintain this distance, with decline as well as unseeable PM removal. To top it off, a CRA is viable level 1 to 200 , with a relatively pleasant and adaptive progression. Whether you play alone (little recommended, even on monocount servers) or in a team, you will not have better!

Results : Safe value, great favorite


If the CRA is a master of the distance, the scarier shines in male ! With its many fees, the class causes heavy damage and can boast some of the most dangerous monsters of the game. It also benefits from very good capacities of placement and mobility , useful both solo and in a team, from level 1 to 200 . We can not forget his support capabilities with sacrifice or shared pain. Warning, the class is very different from Doffs 2 but should not uncheck the players of Doffs Touch!

Results : Safe, solid (literally) value


Said Four is not just a dream of nostalgic! With good stuffs, it is quite possible to replicate its effectiveness! In addition to this possibility, the class enjoys invocations (always very powerful low-levels), Rebuff, damage in zone and PM withdrawal. However, it remains a little below CRA , also offering playing remotely in a more efficient way. The progression will be a little longer, but remains more enjoyable than other classes.

Results : Friendly to play, solid


Recognized for its protection capacities , the FCA draws its game pin via a relative diversity allowing him to be viable as much as as as a team and this, from the lowest levels. The weapons and protection spells (return, truce) are indeed very useful in PVM so well-used and teleportation , even if paradoxically the least effective spell to teleport, is a good complement to the kit to move. Let’s not forget the glyphs , offering good damage in large areas!

Results : Friendly to play, solid (literally)

Enter-two of the monocountry classes


The Samosas Spamming have populated our countries for years… but after level 50, were they so effective? Very viable at low-levels, the samosas finds itself quickly exceeded because of the artificial intelligence of its creatures and capacities of boosts below other classes. The fights will also be longer, but if you like PVP, it’s the class you need!

Results : Fun but slow and quite abandoned


Unlike its equivalent 2.50, the Below is anything but a complex class to play! Playable even in full wisdom, you benefit from the possibility of Giving PA easily, Taper remotely and always, of course, Remove monstrous amounts from PA to your opponent! In monocountry, the class is slightly more difficult to play because of the high costs of its spells in PA but remains effective since in PVM version 1.29, the PA withdrawal is effective against the monsters! Note a small effect present on a majority of its spells allowing recover with a 10% chance 1 pa !

Results : legume and donation of PA / 20


As for Samosas, the SRAM must play with a little more slowness and the artificial intelligence of monsters. Its gameplay remains however very good , with interesting possibilities that it is via the traps or invisibility , making it rather viable solo from the first levels. Attention, later, you will have a little more difficult to find your place in a group because of a lack of synergies of the class.

Results : Good solo



Play Entry, it’s Doubling its drop … from level 100. Monocount, reaching this level will be long and fortunately, the progression of the Entry is not the worst! The class even benefits from some combos (with the IOP and its divine sword in particular), with a very strong typing element: the waterway . With its rallies and remote damage capabilities, you will not be nevertheless neglected for a dungeon, even in the face of crashes.

Results : solid, a little less in monocountry


The IOP is a simple class, certainly, but not the most effective. It has a slight lack of synergies and is not as indispensable in groups than 2.0. The class remains interesting to low-levels via its land / fire and fire lanes, cumulated to very good spells of boost.

Results : OK

Classes not recommended for a monocount on retro doffs


In solitaire, and especially at low levels, Entries will define damage . Its progression will be slower , but it will benefit from a good welcome in groups with its exceptional capabilities of care, support and donation of PA. But we talk about monocount here and even though the team game remains the center of the game, you will not have fun for a long time during your Farm Solo sessions.

Results : in team only


The Panama is the worst class to play monocount, without debate. Unless you lobby play with 6 Pa spells, the class is relatively impracticable at low-levels, solo and will even be a burden for his team in his infancy. It will take wait a lot of time before becoming effective and with the Length of the progress In version 1, this is probably not the best choice if you do not want to play up to the level 100 or in a team.

Results : Avoid


Clips is a few classes to own a size penalty. It amplifies indeed a phenomenon already present in everyone excessive random. Despite although significant mobility and boost capacity, the game of ECA Retro is too unstable Version to be properly operated monocoque. The goal is not to be able to type very strong, it is hitting hard all the time.

Results: For fans of random or PVP, if not to flee.

Yugioh Master Duel Cross Save: How to transfer data

This game makes it relatively easy to keep all your letters and constructions of consistent bundles on all the platforms in which you choose to play thanks to your cross progression functions. If you ask how it works, here we have all the information. Here is How to transfer data with cross-saved in Yugo Master Duel .

How to transfer data with Cross Save in Yugo Master Duel

The first thing you should do is create a INAMI ID here to be able to link all your games on each platform. You must log in with the ID to transfer and share the data of your game.

Now start on any platform for the first time. Master Duel is currently available free of charge at PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, and soon there will be a mobile version. After starting a platform, open the Submenu tab in the main menu and select Data Transfer to link your current saved data to your INAMI ID when logging in.

Now it opens the game on another platform, but do not pass the Master Duel Title Screen if you want to use the cross-guard function. Instead, open the Setup menu directly from the title screen after choosing a language.

Next, select the Data Transfer option on the right side of the screen to follow the link provided and log in again with your INAMI ID. You must look like this:

Following these steps, you can share your progress on so many platforms as you wish. The only thing that is not transferred is the number of gems entered into an account. Gems labeled as paid can not be shared.

Time required: 5 minutes.

Then, to recap, here explains how to use the cross-guard function in Yugo Master Duel:

  • Create a INAMI ID on this website.

  • Start playing Master Duel on any platform.

  • Select Data Transfer in the Submenu section of the Main Menu and log in with your INAMI ID.

  • Open the game on another platform and select Data Transfer on the Title Menu Settings tab.

  • Re-login with your INAMI ID to access your saved data.

That’s all you need to know about How to use the cross-guard function in Yugo Master Duel to transfer data . Make sure you search in Megatrends to get more tips and other useful information about the game, including what start to choose, how to play with friends and more.

Steam debut of popular stealth

The Stealth series Hitman had already had to plug in criticism in the past and Hitman 3 on Steam currently gets heavy headwind. The fans currently bothers a lot, among other things, they criticize the high price.

Hitman: Steam remains the success now

The Hitman series goes up with the feelings. Some love them unconditionally, some were dissatisfied, for example, when Hitman 3 appeared at EPIC and the progress could not be transferred. Now the community criticizes the steam version. At the present time the reviews are mixed. Just 53% of it are positive .


The reason for this is, among other things, the price. In this country, the normal version of Hitman 3 at Steam costs 59.99 euros. That’s the same price as a year ago. Many mines, the price should now be lower, at least it should have put something like an introductory discount at Steam .

Thanks for the 2-hour probation period. I come back when the game is no longer cost than Elder Ring, says, for example, Steam users Detective Discharge.

In addition, it is criticized in the comments that there are too many versions at Steam, that the game has to be played in online mode and that the VR version is totally shaggy. Most poor evaluations are little on details, but it is often pointed out that is inadequate , especially for the price.

(Source: Steam)

Lust lost to Hitman? Then we have a few tips for you:

Hitman trilogy in Xbox Game Pass

If you want to test the games first, you can the HITMAN trilogy since January 2022 by the way also play with the Game Pass . Here, however, you have to note that the games are not available forever, because the offer of the Xbox Game Pass changes regularly.

You are interested in the Game Pass? There are overall three subscription versions :

  • PC for 9.99 euros a month
  • Console for 9.99 euros a month
  • Ultimate for 12.99 euros a month (contains PC, console, gold and EA play)

(Source: Xbox)

En Xbox Game Pass you can conveniently buy over Amazon:

Beautiful woman! Mill! Big tits! Sexy Love Strategy FPS “Wars and Roses” Z-class shocked smiling smile


this work there is a title for all ages, but because sexy element is strong, we recommend the browser back here is kind of story is one weaker.

also have adult patches are distributed in the DLC, because it mentioned in the text about it, people outside the target age is browsing attention only article at the end of item.

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don’t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. I am also crying not fully grasp the true character to play. Therefore, the motto of as soon as possible, this project to deliver the raw content of the game is detonation velocity Purebred.

This time, Blaze Worlds is, we would like to deliver raw content for the 2022 romance × tactics FPS was released by Steam in for PC (Windows) on January 21, Wars and Roses .

is a Wars and Roses ?

This work is to stage the modern world, as commander of the female only private military company of Black Rose, the FPS…… to fight the evil of terrorists that infest the world, love shim is united was the unique title.

If you compare, I remember the illusion, such as roast and steak have been brought to the table is set, but it was surprisingly each of the elements feel that 0.00 skillfully balanced independently.

However, because the often interesting behavior in the bug occurs, you may want to play generous feelings, including those sections. I was laughed entered several times jar, but we will introduce immediately.

little relationship by the lead at the publisher?


This filmmaker of publishers OK Game Studio Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is the original development team of will or have been involved in the production. Therefore, if, next work of the same publisher as Her War is the basic concept in its entirety. Although further there is a separate case, Dirty Little succubus RPG She is She Will Punish Them also, originally was scheduled to the same publisher is responsible.

That this work War and Roses, Her War, She Will Punish Them is not also not say that sisters work in the broadest sense (violent) . Please check the post of developers in the way the following Steam community to be worried about.

  • Wars and Roses post

  • She Will Punish Them post

setting, operation and language

Image quality, FOR, to graphics, such as window size, volume, and key configuration, and lined with basic items in the configuration screen. Operation of this work was able to be prima facie controller, because it was the degree such as to manipulate the mouse cursor with the stick, the comfortable play would be a good keyboard and mouse is the best.

The language is unfortunately Japanese non-compliant. Since the conversation stories and exchanges of small events is the main, only English might be hard to grasp the atmosphere. However, the mission is for is basically a shootout, no problem if the enemy that exists exterminated.

What you can do with base

Main start. Evening of one day, is we relax at home women of More to the original commander came to visit. Fabulous She is in the crane helped long ago was not a lot To Hiroshi mono… (?) Atmosphere. This is already Linen readiness in also armed to the teeth Sashimi of commander. …… of are holding a gun to why a home?

This is put on the aggressive pace of Fabulous secretary calling himself Natalia, between that Granary, has been brought to the private military company Black Rose that the original Kano commanders was founded. Here it is only in the configured company in women, while annihilate the terrorists through our commanders’ mission here on base, we women of his fellow and deepen the friendship.

In eight women team fellow lined up on the screen, the lock display the sense that not be used for being caught by the enemy. The first place Speaking or why are we were brought commander in this unit, , that because all girls in the most recent strategy is containing the original Kano commanders received the raid was caught by terrorists, the rescue her US from terrorists complete the mission also will be the main goal of this work.

In addition to mission orders in offices, exchange and with peers, the purchase of such equipment gifts, you can check basic data.

The status, such as the confirmation can also be more information by clicking on the women of the icon. The numbers are displayed in the heart mark icon, but this shows the favorability from her.

Favorability rose in the mission clear, also increased by the gifts and dating to the other. Also, you can see the character event every favorability goes up. fought-earned money is pounding Lets tribute to women.

However, the point to worry, even in the $200 movies at dinner $800, likability that can be acquired is that it was 10 points. It’s obtained by the mission achieved better fought 12 points …… good COS PA against this!

Selection and preparation of the mission

32 types in total name of the mission that contract. NORMAL, respectively, HARD, has been set to the degree of difficulty of INSANE. One next mission for each clearing is unlocked, the flow of fellow women is opened one person approximately every three to four missions.

However, in the release of fellow, you must be in possession of a certain number of stars. Star is set to each degree of difficulty, one if, for example, NORMAL, and so on three if INSANE. In other words than the advance much NORMAL Dechimachima, it might be better to proceed at once with INSANE.

After the mission selection will move to the equipment class selection screen of the commander and his friends in this way. And pistols at an early point in time, is aware that only simple equipment does not possess.

Do not pick up the items, such as ammunition during the mission. So if said’ve got to do when you ammo, it is safe because Lankan infinite handgun is always prepared as a side arm. Other grenade and first aid kit will be required each time purchase because consumables.

Also, for the fund-raising mission Let more and more clear. It should be noted is set durable value in equipment, will be damaged when subjected to some degree of damage. Therefore, there is also a need to repair does not start and there is no money in any event….

Mission Start

Commander and his partner Natalia arriving at the back alley there Too immediately.

… is why do such diatomaceous that?

Flank It is a 26-year-old from soon back, and knees around age feel we are (the sound received at the head of the lead ball)

Clear mission Once you have achieved is set several goals. In most cases the annihilation of the enemy that exists on the map, other recovery and of goods is in, there is a sub-targets such as hostage rescue.

Since the enemy attack by basically the shootings, carelessly it will die taking a barrage if Sukkot in the middle etc. enemy…… is, overall somewhere idyllic, recently if the there are no words also cover only in terrestrial’s of the other flowed instead became such a low-budget B-grade sexy Movie level performance, we got the impression that enjoy the only shootout of atmosphere.

Incidentally because it is displayed frequently in the closed while even if the opening and closing of the door, can also be or make attacks determined ignoring the door Tamar.

…… why the lady is I come out of the enemy hideout?

I got to through the enemy behind why! ?

Anyway mission clear Mistook the enemy to death in ecstasy poses.

Reward is the basic amount of money, Killed enemies and difficulty bonus, sub-goals will be plus. Although I mentioned a little earlier, degree of difficulty because the gold, such as equipment upgrades is a something necessity might be a good and challenge at elevated.

By the way, if the commander is survived by his companion died mission will continue. They are us once defeated the enemy walking around in the map, relying on too much might not best regards because it also or sometimes death started a gunfight with zero distance.

Anyway commander a collection of star by doing the mission came in from the mountain came in from the field. are you waiting impatiently fellow of the recovery event of.

hurts hurts hurts! Recovering the nurse that the body is in the tingling likely to state just looking .

Rescued the rookie is immediately front-on. Thus take two people now proceed to the next mission.

in conclusion

This work, although the attempt is made to summarize generally at one of the tone side-by-side elements, especially FPS Part Chin plays a good play is likely to occur because of the sweet claws of the details in. However, the development team because they proactively update, it seems there is also a possibility that the rise is largely complete in the future.

Thus also contains the several times updated during writing, for example, enemy soldiers are overhead in the icon is displayed, it because the work was or become very easy to mop up the remaining forces.

Title: Wars and Roses
Compatible models: PC (Windows)
Play model in the article: PC (Windows)
Release Date: January 21, 2022
article author play time at the time of this writing: 3 hours
Price: regular price of 2,050 yen (until 2021 February 4, 2009) Sale Price 1,435 yen

bonus (under the age of 18 View Note)

Well, the Steam community has been distributed as a DLC is 18 prohibited patches by the developer. Favorability of Natalia is good just because arrives at the 3, let’s try because it is Nazi dating event.

…… wonder if gagged?

Immediately after this That said, became so filled with flesh-colored image of a level that does not absolutely here are put, it might be a reward for those who expect such a direction. The authors say when……

And I remember the excitement of mystery to the real face of the commander of this is the first time revealed made at the time. Limited Logical G Logitech G Gaming Headset G433BK
~ ~ ¥7,731 ~ → ¥6,490



Racer Kraken Green Gaming Headset [Japanese Regular Agency Guarantee] RZ04-02830200-R3M



DOFUS: Fire Hipper Stuff Guide, Items Dofusbook

  • Marriage Fire On Doffs enjoys all its spell kit thanks to variants. This guide will help you choose your fire sprout stuff based on your level. If you want to change items, you will find everything you need on our watchmaker’s guide.

Guide for Well Stuff His oil mage fire on Doffs

Remember that if you are subscribers, you can reset your statistics between each fight. Adapt your stats to your stuff and purpose, always focusing on intelligence , then vitality.

This manpower guide is functional on all types of server (classic, monocount and epic), but will be more suitable for a server with more than 6 months of existence.

For the servers TEMPO RIS , we recommend that you wait for the arrival of dedicated items for publishing, the latter often offering special rules alternating the obtaining of equipment.

If you are looking for A Stuff on Retro Doffs , our guide is also available for this version.

You can also choose to go on a full wisdom stuff, or Full Prospect.

Then update: January 2022


Level 20

Level 30

Level 40

Level 50

Level 60

Level 70

Level 80

Level 90

Level 100

Level 110

Level 120

Level 130

Level 140

Level 150

Level 160

Level 170

Level 180

Level 190

Level 199

Level 200

Level 10

Stuff oil mage light LVL 10

Anneal Pious Red Ring Pious Purple Pious Amulet Red Fire Rod Plaque Pious Sandals Red Shield Cape Pious Cape Red Pious Belt Red Pious Hat Red Douala Route Red

Back in summary

Level 20

Stiff oil mage light LVL 20

Anneal de Bouze the Cleric Ring of Pious Red Amulet of the Gob ball Hammer Bought Bluebottles Shield Gob ball Cape Bouffant Belt of the Gob ball Headdress Bought Douala Doffs Silver Route Red

Back in summary

Level 30

Stuff oil mage light LVL 30

Anneal de Bouze the Cleric Ring of Pious Red Amulet of the Gob ball Hammer Bought Bluebottles Shield Gob ball Cape Bouffant Belt of the Gob ball Headdress Bought Douala Doffs Silver Route Red

Back in summary

Level 40

Stuff oil mage light LVL 40

Anneal ball pious ring red amulet pearl cane hoist cocobottes shield girl cape Lynette allow helmet walnut Douala doffs silver route red

Back in summary

Level 50

Stuff oil mage light LVL 50

Anneal ball grrouillot ringer amulet pearl cane hoist boots of swindle shield abrade cape Lizette gear belt helmet walnut Douala doffs silver route red

Back in summary

Level 60

Stuff oil mage light LVL 60

Delano Annam The Flan Of Star Cane Best Justoboots Shield Abrade Cape Wei Wabbit Belt Tortoise Red Carafe Observer Doffs Silver Erudite Minor Devastating Fire Minor Strong Miracle Minor Dragooned Ivory And Orchid

Back in summary

Level 70

Stuff oil mage light LVL 70

Delano Alkali The Flan of Stars God Rod Justobottes Shield Abrade Cape Wei Wabbit Belt Turtle Red Carafe Observer Doffs Silver Erudite Minor Devastating Fire Minor Injury Miraculous Minor Dragooned Ivory And Orchid

Back in summary

Level 80

Stuff oil mage light LVL 80

Delano Annam Amulet Gritty Royal God Rod Bloops Gritty Royal Shield Abrade Cape Wei Robot Belt Tortoise Red Chaff effect Observer Kokomo Erudite Minor Devastating Fire Minor Vigorous Miraculous Minor Dragooned Ivory And Orchid

Back in summary

Level 90

Stiff oil mage light LVL 90

Delano Alliance of Foresters AMULET Multicolor Royal God Rod Bloops Multicolored Royal Shield ABRADE CAPE WA ROBOT FEUDAL CARTABLE OBJECT OBSERVE KOKOMO Erudite minor devastating fire minor vigorous miraculous minor Dragooned ivory and orchid

Back in summary

Level 100

Stiff oil mage light LVL 105

Delano Alliance of Foresters Amulet of Moon The Wand of Limbs Fourbabottes Shield Abrade Moon Cape Feedla Belt Head Covers White Rat Doffs Emerald Wireless Strong Scholar Erudite Devastator Fire Observer Dragooned Ivory And Orchid

Back in summary

Level 110

Stuff oil mage light LVL 110

Delano Alliance of Foresters Amulet of Moon The Wand of Limbs Fourbabottes Shield of ASSE Cape Moon Belt Female Head Covers White Rat Doffs Emerald Spite Doffs Purple Scholar Devastator Fire Observer Dragooned Ivory And Orchid

Back in summary

Level 120

Stuff oil mage light LVL 120

Delano Alliance of Foresters Amulet of Moon Limbs Boots of Juniper ASSE Shield Cape Ecaflipuces Abominable Belt Dora Born Doffs Emerald Reminder Doffs Purple Erudite Devastator Fire Sturdy Fire Dragooned Ivory And Orchid

Back in summary

Level 130

Stiff oil mage light LVL 130

Delano Alliance of Foresters Amulet of the Royal mouth The Climbed Wand Limbs Boots of the Junior Shield of ASSE Cape of EcaFlipuces Belt of the Royal mouth Dora Born Doffs Emerald Reminder Doffs Purple Erudite Devastator Light Strong Dragooned Ivory and Orchid

Back in summary

Level 140

Stuff oil mage light LVL 140

Delano Alliance of Foresters Amulet of the Royal mouth The Climbed Wand Limbs Boots of the ASSE Bag of Firefox Artifice Belt Dora Born Doffs Emerald Reminder Doffs Purple Erudite Devastator Light Strong Dragooned Ivory And Orchid

Back in summary

Level 150

Stuff oil mage light LVL 150

Delano Alliance of Foresters Talisman Chop Limbs Boots of the Junior Shield of ASSE Bag Of Firefox Artifice Belt Dora Born Doffs Emerald Reminder Doffs Purple Scholar Maggie Devastator Fire Major Vigorous Major Dragooned Ivory and Orchid

Back in summary

Level 160

Stiff oil mage light LVL 160

Delano Alliance of Foresters Minot Necklace Limbs Boots of the Juniper Shield ASSE Bag Firefox Fire furry Belt Various Mask Ark Doffs Turquoise Dofus Purple Scholar Maggie Devastator Fire Major Vigorous Major Dragooned Ivory and Orchid

Back in summary

Level 170

Stuff oil mage light LVL 170

Delano Ring of Domino Necklace of Minot Limbs Boots of the Juniper Air Dial Cape Obsidiatre Belt Mask Voodoo Ark Doffs Turquoise Reminder Doffs Purple Scholar Maggie Devastator Fire Major Vigorous Major Dragooned Ivory and Orchid

Back in summary

Level 180

Stuff oil mage light LVL 180

Delano Ring of Yumiko Necklace of Minot Limbs Boots of Demean Boots of Demon Air Dial Cape Ten Cap Firefox Doffs Turquoise Reminder Doffs Purple Scholar Multi Devastator Fire Major Vigorous Major Dragooned Ivory and Orchid

Back in summary

Level 190

Stuff oil mage light LVL 190

Delano Yumiko Ring Amulet of K.o. The Wand of Limbs Ottoman Boots Air Dial Ink Sailing Belt of the K.o. Ten Death Cap Firefox Doffs Turquoise DOFUS Purple Multi-Devastatory Fire Vigorous Major Dragooned Ivory and Orchid

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Stuffs for a firewall fire The on Doffs

The hair page is a very versatile class. It can thus play at a distance, as in med with its waterway. Its mobility is also excellent, in air mode or not, giving it good tools to be played in monocount. Indeed, any mono class must cover all possible options!

Here, the Upper will appreciate a little boost stroke on some spells, including utilities. It will also benefit from the power, sometimes to make combinations with other elements. If he can put shields, his resistances and his vitality are not to neglect. In short, it takes everything here!

Level 199

The limbo wand is an exceptional alternative to Delano and allowing to be more flexible in its choices of stuff. We are based here on Nile or Padre panoplies. They offer either beautiful resistances, intelligence and initiative or pure damage. You can also find Guard slippers, bringing a PA object to complete and offer a little flexibility.

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Anneal de Padgref DELANO Amulet of Ottomans baguette Herself Slippers Ear four-leaves Cape Holler Belt of the Glorteleste Padre Head boat Reminder Nomadic Doffs Turquoise Doffs Purple Erudite Major Devastator Fire Major Fire Dragooned Ivory and Orchid

UPPER Earth / Fire 199

Alliance of Mission Frizz Annual Ring Ampule Annual Hammer Boots of Mission Frizz Bivalve Ink Sailing Ink Belt Helmet Mission Prius Doffs Ocher Dofus Purple Doffs Turquoise Emerald Dormant Route

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Level 200

As with other levels, opt for a Stuff adapted to your budget . Adopt at least one of each category (damage, RET or survival, 12/6) to be as efficient as possible. Moreover, with a small amount of departure, it is also quite possible to evolve as and when. Start with a set of Lowest equipment, do some quests, add items and Get over time objects to make variants. As a player without too much income, do not sell your stuffs! They can serve you later, or in variants.



Here you can find sets with several possibilities to adapt according to your desires for withdrawal or damage. Nothing prevents you from adding Eros, remove, replace an item PA, etc. Once again, do not rest on a single set to win all the fights and build your own object library.

The links


Colborne Amulet Colborne Wand Ideologies Diondin Cape Cape Cape Clear DOFFS Ocher Dofus Purple Doffs Turquoise Maggiore Major Kiss


PTOMAINE ANNEAURæUS CORPS OTTOMANS AMULET OTTOMANS Boots Four-Leaf Sailing Ink Belt Height Plate Reminder Nomad Doffs Turquoise Doffs Purple Vigorous Major Multiple Knackers


Vague glowing King Player Amulet Colborne Ax Tooth Boots of King Player Four-Leaves Bag Volcanic Belt Colborne Crown King Player Doffs Turquoise Doffs Purple Doffs Ivory Doffs Ocher Doffs Bulbs Ice Doffs ROUTE


Anneal Colborne Alliance Cloisonne Amulet Colborne Knives Sacrificial Pataugastric Shield of Ilyzaelle Cape Parted Belt Colborne Mask Parted Doffs Ocher Doffs Abyssal Doffs Purple ice cream doffs emerald doffs ivory Walk


Vague Glitter Stride Bracelet Stride Cache Tear Boots Home Four-Leaves Cape Louis St rigid Belt King Crown Player Doffs Turquoise Doffs Purple Holder Vigorous Nomadic Grace Doffs Out


Chewiest King Rinne Corrupted Arc Burning Shoes Stalk Shield Cape Ardent Strap Irish Mask Ardent Doffs Ocher Doffs Bulbs Doffs Ivory Doffs Abyssal Major Numb Upper Colborne Ivory And Orchid

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Beyond the stuff for oil light

Do you have your stuff, but you do not know what to do? Our progression guide is here to help you, level 1 at level 200!

If you change your mind on choosing your element, you can follow another manpower guide adapted to your new choice!

Boxed Stealth “Hitman 3” finally appeared in Steam! Trilogy delivery start to play for 3 works for Game PASS

IO INTERACTIVE has started delivery on a platform for other PCs in the box garden stealth action game that has been an EPIC GAMES store timing monopoly.

This work is a stealth action game with the Skinhead’s assassin Agent 47 as the main character. We aim to assassinate the target on the stage of a box garden map with a theme of the world countries such as Berlin and China.

This work was originally released in January 2021, and the PC version was an EPIC GAMES store monopoly, but with the start of providing YEAR 2 content such as VR mode. Delivery in Steam and Microsoft Store started. Both correspond to Japanese subtitles.

In addition, delivery of Hitman Trilogy is also started for Xbox / PC Game Pass, and this is the access path that the first and second maps can be played on 3, and three works You can enjoy the mission.

Hitman 3 is distributed for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / Microsoft Store) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch (Cloud).

Xbox Wireless Controller (Robot White)



Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
~~ ¥19,778 ~ → ¥16,764



The Call of Duty Update: Vanguard has bad news for collection users

A new Call of Duty: Vanguard The update is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox series consoles along with patch notes that reveal and detail everything that does the update. In particular, the update has nerfed the shotguns. That said, it is not limited to this, there are other changes and corrections of weapons, as well as adjustments to the advantages and Kill streaks. Also, although the update focuses almost exclusively on multiplayer mode, there is also something for zombie players.

While Sledgehammer Games has provided everything that does the update, what has not done is to provide information about the file size for any platform. In other words, we have no information about how long it will take to download the update, but rather brief patch notes suggest that the size of the file is smaller.

Next, you can consult the official and complete patch notes of the update, courtesy of Sledgehammer Games:


Error correction

  • weapons
    • The distant shots now count when they are achieved through the damage at the time of Incendiary Round
    • By obtaining a preview of Begun after unlocking challenges in multiplayer mode, the details of the challenge are no longer missing.
  • The unwanted behavior was corrected with Buck and Slug, which turned out in which the players obtained shot bonuses in the head when shooting the extremities.
  • Profits
    • Players with Fortified Perk are no longer immune to any fire damage, including Filament and Incendiary Grenade.
  • Dachas of murders
    • A problem was solved by which some players did not retain their Kill streaks between rounds.
  • Users can no longer obtain infinite ammunition with an Exploit error Kill streak

Balance of weapons

  • Chic etas.
  • Double canyon akimbo shotgun
  • Attached files

CDL recipes adjusted with the following:

  • The game timer of the game is now 30 seconds
  • FMJ removed from the restricted list
  • Reappearance delay timer set in 3.5 seconds
  • Suicide reappearance delay timer established in 4.5 seconds
  • Incendiary grenades added to the restricted list
  • Bombardment added to the restricted list
  • All Kill streaks, except Artillery Strike and Cruise Missile, are restricted and can not be used in matched items.


  • Artifacts
    • A issue was solved that could occasionally prevent the player’s artifact to work properly after using a self-revive.
  • Support
    • A issue was solved in which support weapons could provide infinite ammunition.


Call of Duty: Vanguard is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

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