The game of escape, likewise marked by the English terms Retreat Game or Retreat Room is a type of role-size duty that is the physical declination of the Escape The Room video games.

Whenever you can customize something in a game. It greatly improves your personal experience. Giving players the opportunity to design something according to their standards gives them a sense of personalization and individuality. Monster Hunter World has some options in their base game beyond character. There are the outfits and, finally, the room. The room in the base game allows you to move domestic animals, but the furniture is predetermined. The new ice borne DLC goes even further in this customization by allowing players to decorate everything in their room, until the choice of furniture.

Decorate your room in Monster Hunter: the world expansion ice borne is virtually the same as adding or moving pets in your office in the basic game. Reported first by twin finite, here is a quick guide to decorate your room.

How to decorate your room:

  1. Go to your room. As for the basic game, you must be inside your room to change it in any way.

  2. Find and talk to the housekeeper. The housekeeper is one of the two Palaces you will find in your room. Whatever your partner, Calico is the housekeeper.

  3. Select the Customizing the Room option. From there, you can decide which furniture goes in your room and those who are not.


New furniture can be unlocked by completing missions in the main history, sofas with lights. So continue to search to improve and modify your base for your taste.