Osnabrück has a strong team. Finally, content and performance did not fit the result. They have too few points for their potential, Koschinat praises the opponent first. A dangerous, because the purple white are damned tomorrow to the victory. In the table, the VFL lies with a game less five points behind the FCS, which could shake a competitor with a view to the front.

Coordinate is almost available to the complete staff. The coach speaks of a trouble-free preparation that is very, very positive. Especially since he has more alternatives after the winter break. Being are probably only Bone Ferry and Dominik Becker. The newcomer has come with a lightweight lesser from Bremen, the first week was problematic for the young defender.

I have always given 100 percent in training and thus the feedback that I am ready.

Steven Seller

For this is the Koschinat the experienced Steven Seller is available again. The power carrier of the past season (team-notes section 3:14) returns to Kreuzberg partial rupture to the square. The first season is nothing in the way. I have always given 100 percent in training and thus the feedback that I am ready. Also sees Koschinat like that: I set myself. Steven Seller will play from the beginning.

Especially since Koschinat had taken in preparation for long injured players like Seller or Sebastian Basel Extra consideration. For the coach A decisive criterion, why I waived classical testing games because I wanted to bring these players. And that’s just about a targeted training control. The competition mentality is much better in these exercise games. I would have to distribute minutes in testing matches. Ideally, he has spread for Osnabrück 90 minutes to Seller.