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Since the beginning of December, Ralf Rang nick is coach at Manchester United. But although the German coach has only lost one of eight games and can refer to a point cut of 1.88 counters, the Red Devils crunches huge behind the scenes. Now there are details why it has rang nick so hard.

The United Image reports that stars that play little, but have a lot of influence, in the background mood against the 63-year-old, who cares for the club by summer. Especially a trio has apparently on a antique: Paul Pogba, Edison Havana and Anthony Martial.

Last-assisted rancidity last publicly that would lie. Previously, the coach had said that Martial did not want to play and therefore not in the squad. Where the truth is, is not known so far. Either way: Rang nick would like to separate from all three players and pushes on a sale.

Meanwhile, United-Legend Gary Neville suspected that anything is not right within the team. It’s been ripped off. They all go on each other. The mood in the cabin is important, but currently does not harmonize, says Neville.

It is conceivable that the difficult situation rang nicks is also due to its status as a transitional trainer. Because that’s why the German seems to be fulfilled hardly from the club bosses. According to United Picture Rang nick would have liked to have committed Amado Haida from RB Leipzig for the midfield in winter.


Rang nick wants ten Hags at Manchester United

The Bundesliga Star should be in first place of the wish list. However, the United Responsible, according to the report, is singing in front of the squad to the squad from Rang nicks and to rebuild claims, because in summer a coach should take over anyway, which may have completely different ideas.

The bosses should clearly see ranging only as an interim solution, so the leaf on. Meanwhile, talks will be forced with successors. While Mauricio Pocketing, currently at Paris Saint-Germain, is considered a desired candidate, Rang nick is to support Manchester United as a consultant as a consultant, according to March internally for Erik Ten Hag by Ajax Amsterdam.

The Uniteds picture believes that the 63-year-old did so, to continue to influence as a consultant. If Pocketing took over and act as a classic team manager, Rang nick would probably have hardly any possibilities to affect the events, is suspected.