Microsoft adds multiple popular titles to its game subscription service in January, including Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction), Hitman Trilogy, and Death’s Door. I said.

Microsoft is supporting the Xbox Game Pass through consoles, PCs, iOS and Android mobile devices to enjoy the desired games anytime, anywhere. It is also constantly enhancing the content lineup to meet the various tastes of the users.

● Summary: DanganronPa: Trigger Happy Havoc — Cloud / Console / PC Support

‘Summary: High School of Hope and Desperation of Despair’ Anniversary Edition joins Xbox Game Pass. The player investigates the murder, looking for a clue, talks with classmates, prepare for a trial, and told the suspects, and to analyze their statements, and analyze their statements.

● Nobody Saves The World — Cloud / Console / PC Support

The ‘Nobody Save The World’ is an action RPG that should prevent the ancient disaster that awakened to destroy the world. The player is able to transform into a variety of forms from a snail to a ghost, and a dragon, and a combination of ability to prevent evil forces, and can save the world with friends through online cooperation.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Users can enjoy games without controllers on mobile devices through cloud games.

● Death’s Door — Cloud / Console / PC Support

‘Death Door’ is an action adventure game that tracks the thief that the crows harvesting the soul of the dead steal the soul. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Users can enjoy the game through the cloud and can be used without controllers in mobile devices.

● Hitman Trilogy (HI TMA ● Trilogy) — Cloud / Console / PC Support

The ‘Hitman Trilogy’, which consists of three games that can identify the story of legendary assassin agents 47, joins the Xbox Game Pass library. Depending on the tradition of the series, the player can perform a given mission by demonstrating creativity.

● Paparazzi — Cloud / Console / PC Support

If you feel difficult to take a picture of a destination, you can practice a puppy photo shoot technology through ‘Perforation’. The better the photos of the puppy, the more you can unlock new varieties, camera lenses, toys, and so on.

● Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction) — Cloud / Console / PC Support

The Rainbow Six Ext riv of ‘Tom Clannish’ is the latest Tactical FPS game that supports up to three cooperative plays. Operators that appear in the original ‘Rainbow Six’, as well as 90 firearms, equipment, and more than 12 maps, supporting 13 or more dynamic mission types, and will provide a new gameplay experience at any time.

● Tom Clannish Rainbow Six Six Administration (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow SIX SIEGE: DELUXE Edition) — Cloud / Console / PC Support

5 VS 5 PVP game ‘Rainbow Six’, which is enjoying about 70 million plays worldwide, is now available through PC Game Pass.

● Wind Hammers 2 (Windjammers 2) — Cloud / Console / PC Support

The best discussion Wind Hammer 2, the successor of the game, was armed with a new behavior, a gameplay mechanism, a new behavior, a new behavior of hand-drawn amazing graphics. Also, the wonderful characters and stages are also new.