Zero has not landed with a good foot in the loyalty crack. Since the champion arrived at League of Legends she has barely harvested victories and does not seem justified Riot Games’ decision to reduce her power when she was still in the BE. The players are suffering to get out of it and have barely been able to reach a victory rate that can be equated to that of the worst game champions. However, this situation is not due so much that it is a bad character or too difficult to play: it is the community that is making a much simpler mistake.

The error of the players with Zero

If we serve the statistics, almost no player is choosing it more suitable Build to win games . 90.7% of the players are deciding for Zero a traditional object construction that has proven to be completely inefficient. With mythical objects of shooters, the champion just manages to win 43.7% of the items at best. However, if we change from third and build Strength of Trinity , our victory expectations increase up to 49.35%. Stratospheric numbers for what is expected of a new character.

There are several customs that have made the players of League of Legends commit an error so remarkable and can be explained by several causes. The simplest would be custom. It is a shooter, and we all expected certain objects to work. It is also easy to follow the indications of players with greater MMR and blindly trust. However, the main problem is that the functioning of the champion is so particular that it was almost impossible to know all the interactions of it.

The choice of strength of the Trinity is related to the mechanics of unique basic attacks that brightly activates the brightness, but above all, as it opens on its way to an object choice that it takes the most out of its Q (fire Explosive) and in which all items are feedback . In it, we have four main items that work as follows.

  • Trinity force : Increase damage for each basic and movement speed gain by up to five loads.
  • Hurricane of Ru naan : It allows accumulating the five speed loads of the Trinity in just two blows and its rays inflict damage to the secondary objectives instantaneously.
  • Titanic Hydra : Complete Ru naan Hurricane Granting Great Damage in Area that allows you to subtract life to enemies without even hitting them and combines very well with the R (crash of rays)
    • Black Blade : It is applied on the main objective in a single blow of explosive fire, since each of the seven shots counts as an accumulation.


Different employees of Riot Games have secured on numerous occasions that, on many occasions, the champions do not work because we usually follow the indications of professional or high-level players and these also make obvious mistakes. There are several examples over the past few months, although one of the most evident was the situation of glacial improvement after the introduction of the preseason, which was the best rune in infinity of champions and barely received attention from the community (nor Even in the highest ranges).

With Zero, the players of League of Legends have experienced a very similar situation. Riot Games considers diamond players 2 or higher ranges as the elite group, applying for them a special way to adjust the champions. However, Even in this section, only 10.67% of the players choose the strength of the Trinity and its perfect combination of objects. Sometimes the champions are not so bad, and we are all that we are wrong with them.