Again, there is allegedly trouble at Manchester United. Once again in focus: Ralf Rangnick, which takes the apparently little ambitious professionals of the English football record, parts of their valuable free time.

After the last minute victory (1: 0) in the extremely important duel with West Ham United and the associated jump in four place four could actually be omitted at Manchester United, but apparently have some stars about the homework, the team managers Ralf Rangnick gives you home, complaining.

According to information from the English Mirror, some well-paid professionals of Red Devils have little desire to look at detailed and above all personalized video analyzes of their games. According to the report, Rang nick’s coaching team sends the players between the individual lots of scenes via e-mail home, which should lead themselves to them.

Up to two hours these videos can be long and are garnished with advice and pointing out how the players can improve. But some particular not related stars are not enthusiastic about Mirror that they still have to do homework at home.

The additional work allegedly causes displeasure because the million heavy stars feel limited in their free time, so the leaf.


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During the week, the Manchester United Image had already reported that parts of the cabin act against rang nick. Professionals that play little, but have a lot of influence, should make mood against the 63-year-old in the background, which looks after the club by summer. Especially a trio has apparently on a antique: Paul Pogba, Edison Havana and Anthony Martial.

Last-assisted canonicity last publicly that would lie. Previously, the coach had said that Martial did not want to play and therefore not in the squad. Where the truth is, is not known so far. Either way: Rang nick would like to separate from all three players and pushes on a sale.