Uncharted: Legacy collection of thieves presents its launch trailer. In it, we can see images of both Uncharted 4 and the lost legacy, both remlaunch trailertered to take advantage of the potential of PlayStation 5. Its launch is foreseen on January 28; Later you will reach PC. You can watch the video at the head of this news.

What does the legacy collection of the thieves include?

launch trailer we said, the package includes the llaunch trailert two deliveries of the franchise captained by Naughty Dog, Uncharted 4: The misconduct of the thief and uncharted: the lost legacy . Although both are available launch trailer part of PS4’s compatible catalog in PS5, the study hlaunch trailer introduced specific improvements that take a new generation party.


The SSD unit will make the load times are practically instantaneous, while the 3D spatial sound will allow you to immerse yourself in the setting of locations through the two games. In addition, it will make use of haptic feedback and adaptive Danseuse triggers.

You can select between three graphic configurations . Fidelity mode will boost the resolution to 4K native (2160p) while blocking Frame rate at 30 fps. If you prefer to prioritize fluently, the performance mode bends the rate at 60 fps at a resolution that hlaunch trailer not transcended. The third, called Performance mode +, sets the resolution to 1080p to run 120FPS. This mode can only be selected if you have a screen with HDMI input 2.1 and compatible with 120Hz.

The collector will be put on sale in physical and digital format for PS5 on January 28 at a price of 49.99 euros . Players who already have any of the included games can get the digital version of uncharted: Lake collection of thieves for 10 euros from the launch day. The PC version will arrive during the window of 2022.