The retro doffs monocount servers arrive on Wednesday 30/09 at 15h. Being pre-registered , you normally already reserved your username and choose your class. However, if you want to change (Attention, it is Can not create a character on the 6 main servers) or are not pre-registered, the most important choice of your retro Doffs game experience is still at To do !

So we will try to span you on the different game plays offered and how to decide your class to play on the servers DOFFS retro monocount . Attention, you have to take a character that suits you above all. If the CRA is obviously the Basic Top-Tier for the Rush of Servers 1.29 , Spam The arrows for Farm is not the most fun activity!

If you intend to play on the servers Temporal , we advise you instead this article, taking into account the different liabilities.

Last update: January 2022

Which class choose for retro monocount doffs: the recap

You are in a hurry and want to go straight to goal ? Your friends are waiting for you and you absolutely need in the next 10 seconds? A little glance in the table below should help you decide from our selection of the top recommended for Enjoy the maximum Retro monocount servers!

Classes recommended for a monocount on retro doffs


The CRA, often mocked , remains the strongest choice to play on retro doffs. The class is very powerful at a distance, giving it a particular advantage compared to others on this same slot. It can also boast a very good potential to maintain this distance, with decline as well as unseeable PM removal. To top it off, a CRA is viable level 1 to 200 , with a relatively pleasant and adaptive progression. Whether you play alone (little recommended, even on monocount servers) or in a team, you will not have better!

Results : Safe value, great favorite


If the CRA is a master of the distance, the scarier shines in male ! With its many fees, the class causes heavy damage and can boast some of the most dangerous monsters of the game. It also benefits from very good capacities of placement and mobility , useful both solo and in a team, from level 1 to 200 . We can not forget his support capabilities with sacrifice or shared pain. Warning, the class is very different from Doffs 2 but should not uncheck the players of Doffs Touch!

Results : Safe, solid (literally) value


Said Four is not just a dream of nostalgic! With good stuffs, it is quite possible to replicate its effectiveness! In addition to this possibility, the class enjoys invocations (always very powerful low-levels), Rebuff, damage in zone and PM withdrawal. However, it remains a little below CRA , also offering playing remotely in a more efficient way. The progression will be a little longer, but remains more enjoyable than other classes.

Results : Friendly to play, solid


Recognized for its protection capacities , the FCA draws its game pin via a relative diversity allowing him to be viable as much as as as a team and this, from the lowest levels. The weapons and protection spells (return, truce) are indeed very useful in PVM so well-used and teleportation , even if paradoxically the least effective spell to teleport, is a good complement to the kit to move. Let’s not forget the glyphs , offering good damage in large areas!

Results : Friendly to play, solid (literally)

Enter-two of the monocountry classes


The Samosas Spamming have populated our countries for years… but after level 50, were they so effective? Very viable at low-levels, the samosas finds itself quickly exceeded because of the artificial intelligence of its creatures and capacities of boosts below other classes. The fights will also be longer, but if you like PVP, it’s the class you need!

Results : Fun but slow and quite abandoned


Unlike its equivalent 2.50, the Below is anything but a complex class to play! Playable even in full wisdom, you benefit from the possibility of Giving PA easily, Taper remotely and always, of course, Remove monstrous amounts from PA to your opponent! In monocountry, the class is slightly more difficult to play because of the high costs of its spells in PA but remains effective since in PVM version 1.29, the PA withdrawal is effective against the monsters! Note a small effect present on a majority of its spells allowing recover with a 10% chance 1 pa !

Results : legume and donation of PA / 20


As for Samosas, the SRAM must play with a little more slowness and the artificial intelligence of monsters. Its gameplay remains however very good , with interesting possibilities that it is via the traps or invisibility , making it rather viable solo from the first levels. Attention, later, you will have a little more difficult to find your place in a group because of a lack of synergies of the class.

Results : Good solo



Play Entry, it’s Doubling its drop … from level 100. Monocount, reaching this level will be long and fortunately, the progression of the Entry is not the worst! The class even benefits from some combos (with the IOP and its divine sword in particular), with a very strong typing element: the waterway . With its rallies and remote damage capabilities, you will not be nevertheless neglected for a dungeon, even in the face of crashes.

Results : solid, a little less in monocountry


The IOP is a simple class, certainly, but not the most effective. It has a slight lack of synergies and is not as indispensable in groups than 2.0. The class remains interesting to low-levels via its land / fire and fire lanes, cumulated to very good spells of boost.

Results : OK

Classes not recommended for a monocount on retro doffs


In solitaire, and especially at low levels, Entries will define damage . Its progression will be slower , but it will benefit from a good welcome in groups with its exceptional capabilities of care, support and donation of PA. But we talk about monocount here and even though the team game remains the center of the game, you will not have fun for a long time during your Farm Solo sessions.

Results : in team only


The Panama is the worst class to play monocount, without debate. Unless you lobby play with 6 Pa spells, the class is relatively impracticable at low-levels, solo and will even be a burden for his team in his infancy. It will take wait a lot of time before becoming effective and with the Length of the progress In version 1, this is probably not the best choice if you do not want to play up to the level 100 or in a team.

Results : Avoid


Clips is a few classes to own a size penalty. It amplifies indeed a phenomenon already present in everyone excessive random. Despite although significant mobility and boost capacity, the game of ECA Retro is too unstable Version to be properly operated monocoque. The goal is not to be able to type very strong, it is hitting hard all the time.

Results: For fans of random or PVP, if not to flee.