This game makes it relatively easy to keep all your letters and constructions of consistent bundles on all the platforms in which you choose to play thanks to your cross progression functions. If you ask how it works, here we have all the information. Here is How to transfer data with cross-saved in Yugo Master Duel .

How to transfer data with Cross Save in Yugo Master Duel

The first thing you should do is create a INAMI ID here to be able to link all your games on each platform. You must log in with the ID to transfer and share the data of your game.

Now start on any platform for the first time. Master Duel is currently available free of charge at PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, and soon there will be a mobile version. After starting a platform, open the Submenu tab in the main menu and select Data Transfer to link your current saved data to your INAMI ID when logging in.

Now it opens the game on another platform, but do not pass the Master Duel Title Screen if you want to use the cross-guard function. Instead, open the Setup menu directly from the title screen after choosing a language.

Next, select the Data Transfer option on the right side of the screen to follow the link provided and log in again with your INAMI ID. You must look like this:

Following these steps, you can share your progress on so many platforms as you wish. The only thing that is not transferred is the number of gems entered into an account. Gems labeled as paid can not be shared.

Time required: 5 minutes.

Then, to recap, here explains how to use the cross-guard function in Yugo Master Duel:

  • Create a INAMI ID on this website.

  • Start playing Master Duel on any platform.

  • Select Data Transfer in the Submenu section of the Main Menu and log in with your INAMI ID.

  • Open the game on another platform and select Data Transfer on the Title Menu Settings tab.

  • Re-login with your INAMI ID to access your saved data.

That’s all you need to know about How to use the cross-guard function in Yugo Master Duel to transfer data . Make sure you search in Megatrends to get more tips and other useful information about the game, including what start to choose, how to play with friends and more.