Sunday Loses said on the 26th that it will proceed with its popular mobile game ‘Knifing 3’, ‘Knifing Sichuan’, ‘Knifing 4’.

The ‘Knifing 3’, which gains a solid response from a variety of age groups, is a Bags Money Event to receive various items and character drawings such as Heart and Thunder bang whenever it clears the stage from January 26 to February 1 Open. In the attendance event, which can only receive a variety of items, we will present a limited edition character ‘Snow Beam Lucy, which is the last seven days, and will add a holiday atmosphere.

The Knifing Sichuan, which is popular in the women’s popularity, commemorates the New Year holidays, Making Annie’s Guys from January 26 to February 8th. This event that increases the size of various sizes obtained by stage play, the event that increases the size is the content that is ranked in the size of the combined rice cake. Especially, we expect to be a diverse gift that will be a diverse gift for a diverse gift and a group consisting of a group consisting of a conception that applies a concept of reinforcing to the combination of rice cake. In addition, various items that receive up to 500 coins, depending on the size of the rice cake, and a variety of items that are received as a daily mission are also expected to benefit from users.

In recent years, the Knifing 4, which is a large update in the first half, is also the Proceed to the event. As a result of the result of the result of the result of the deceased, the number of people who gathered with the connection, puzzle play, etc., the ‘윷 play bout, which receives the item, and it is in the way that 10 people compete on January 27 to February 10th. The two daily hot-time hot-time hot-time hot-time voters to give participants twice the participants will be afraid that they will be more fun to have fun.

The Sunday Those official said, I expect the Events of the people who have a holiday atmosphere and the recipient of the animals, and the game design, said the event, said the event,

On the other hand, Sundays’ holidays will be held for more than 1 million users, and Sunday Loses will continue 24-hour monitoring and customer response for stable service with special event progress.