As we were told in November of last year, today is the last day to acquire a digital copy of _ Jump Force _ at any of the stores of PLAYSTATION, XBOX, NINTENDO or PC before That disappears forever. Bandai Namco will be withdrawing from digital platforms, so starting tomorrow, you can only acquire it in physical format.

_ Jump Force _ will disappear from digital stores today , February 7, at 7pm Time from Mexico City , so you are still on time to buy this game before it is permanently removed. In addition to the title, all its DLC and premium currency will also be deleted.

The game will remain playable both online and offline up on August 24 and 25 of this year , when the servers will be deactivated during those two days. Subsequently you will lose access to multiplayer lobbies and online events, clan functionality, news and leaderboards, and qualifying items. Once this is completed, you will only have access to offline content and all the DLC that you have previously acquired.

Editor’s Note: I wanted to give a chance Jump foresee, but this is a game that never ended up liking me. Yes, the graphs and movements of the characters were incredible, but compared to other titles within the genre, Jump Force became extremely simple and without much profuse.