New villains, story events, places and more are leaked.

Marvels Rächer was involved in a few leaks in the last few days. First, the deluxe edition of the game and his bonus were published for early access, which Square Enix confirmed immediately as true. The next thing that is leaked is probably not officially confirmed. Exophase, a website that collects data on trophies and successes in games has published a complete list of successes of upcoming games Marvels Rächer.

In view of the fact that the game is still months before the start, such a leak seems to be something like this as successes Sehr premature – but it is worth noting that the game was originally published in May, so that data is probably already in anticipation whose uploaded. Assuming that Crystal Dynamics spends the next few months to polish the game, it makes sense that the entire main content of the game – and all associated achievements – are pretty much carved in stone.

More interesting here is that the successes have played out some small details from the history of the game and reveal a still not confirmed places, characters, story events and much more (including the end opponent, as it seems). Some details of the gameplay can also be removed from the successes. Things like Power Level, Avenger Rank, Faction Rank and Hero Level are mentioned while successes focusing on the conclusion of tasks, progress with different characters, war zones, collectibles, Hive missions, excursions, and more (hopefully) Many clues to things in the game.

If you do not care about the spoilers, you can see the full list of successes below.

Marvels Rächer is available on September 4 for PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.

— Spoiler warning —

_ List of successes of Marvels Räces: _

  • _ on the mountain peak – reach with every hero Power Level 300_
  • _ Back in the shop – reach the Rächer-Rank 250_
  • _ Group expenses – Available in each faction the faction rank 25_
  • _ Super Hero Business – Close 10 tasks from_
  • _ Team player – reach Hero Level 5 with five different heroes_
  • _ Time to shine – reach Hero Level 50 and buy all the skills for every hero_
  • _ Preliminary peace – Finish one of every kind of war zone_
  • _ Gold Star Success – Close 100 tasks from_
  • _ Treasure trove – Open 50 cache tresore_

MARVEL'S AVENGERS Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - STORY INTRO (2020 FULL GAME)
* Honeycomb – Close five Hive missions AB
* Earlier gloss – Close the excursion “Iconic Avengers” AB
* Blue Sky – Close the trip “Welcome to Skywatch” AB
* in the darkness and back – Close 50 Hive missions from
* Rau and Tumbling – Achieve a combination of 20 hits or higher
* And so it is done – Defeat 10 or more enemies with a single activation of heroic ability
* Stars see – get a five-star rating for one goal without taking a team member harm
Perfection try – get a 100% evaluation for a mission without a team member being depressed_
* Hold it down – Close 30 war zones in the difficulty of difficulty brutal or higher
The best around – get a 100% assessment for each war zone in the difficulty degree “merciless” _
* Other important things to do – Close each mission in less than three minutes
The best defense – Defeat 20 different fine types_
* OLD FASHIONED BEAT DOWN – Defeat each boss without damaging a strike-team member
Valuable collection – Collect a complete comic set_
* Information overload – Collect 75 intelligence files
* For nothing – Collect 500 equipment
* Krimskrams – Collect three artefacts
* Savior of the people – Screlling 100 AIM prisoners
* Legend becomes – Groove any hero with all legendary or better equipment from
* Basically spotless – Defeat 50 opponents with the capabilities Assault Heroic or Ultimate Heroic
* MUAHAHAHAHAHA! – Route an artifact completely on
* Invest in the future – Improve all equipment completely
Shopping stroll – Buy an object of two different faction providers_
* Break and enter – Break in 30 deposits
Every time a surprise – open 100 tresore_
* Highest priority – Close 10 priority fraction missions AB
* Golden Ticket – Reach the VIP Balcony
* The adventure starts – Escape the claws of AIM in New York
* lost, but do not forget – Discover the location of the Chimera
* a bit broken – Recruit Bruce Banner
* from the ashes – Restore the Phoenix protocols
No suit, no problem – Recruiting Tony Stark_
* Patent infringement – Destroy the AIM arc reactor
* gone to the ground – Look for the ant hill
* ITY BITSY – Black widow recruit
* To travel a novel way – Rescue of indoors from the research institute
* Thundering Applause – Prevent the Helicarrier to New York City
Unparallable view – reach the AIM room station_
* Welcome back, old friend – Rette Captain America
* Avengers combines you! – Unite the Rächer
* New girl is doing well – Defeat Modok and the Kree

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