The NFL comes to “good old germany“. On the expansion course of the multi-million league, Germany is an enormous market.

Patrick Mahomes throws bang-hard touchdown passes in leather pants, Helene Fischer drags the national anthem – and the Hot Dogs is there with proper sauerkraut? No, maybe not completely.

But the NFL will certainly come up with plenty of marketing TAM-TAMs, if in the future, once a year, the Super Bowl Feeling brings to “Good Old Germany”. The victory train of football in this country should continue unstoppable.

“This will immediately trigger a huge hype. With the game in Germany there will be a veritable explosion,” said ex-pro-Sebastian Vollmer, two-time NFL champion with the New England Patriots, the “NFLs Illustrated”.

The first NFL game on German soil will take place in the coming season in Munich. This confirmed NFL-Boss Roger Goodell on Wednesday. In addition, Frankfurt was selected, overall, four games in Germany take place in the coming four seasons. Both cities will spend two games each.

“We are happy to welcome Munich and Frankfurt in the NFL family, and look forward to rewarding the German fans with NFL spectacles,” said Goodell.

NFL Hype takes too

German NFL commentators are better than Cris Collinsworth

Like the NFL in the past decade in Germany feet and became a publicity, the decision makers in the US have carefully followed. In 2007, the NFL already ventured into Europe, more precisely to London. Already there is “the enthusiasm risen,” said the German Patriots professional Jakob Johnson, “and there are certainly 50 percent of people from Germany arrived”. It was “only” 6000, but the NFL became aware.

Over the years, the popularity continued to grow, also thanks to the “Rannfl” popular for many fans from “ProSiebenSat.1”, which shows the league since 2012 in Free TV – in addition to the PAY-TV of the streaming service “Dazn” For example, the Redzone conference call presented with German commentators this season. There will be numerous fans on the night of Monday (0.30 am) when the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams are in Super Bowl. Football is constantly pushing over the big pond to Europe.

Which teams can the German fans expect in the future? “I’m trying to process anyone here that the Patriots receive the surcharge – because I think that’s the crucial step,” Johnson had said last fall.

“American Football has to arrive in Germany”

In December, the NFL has actually awarded the marketing rights for Germany, among other things to the Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs with Star quarterback Mahomes, who already cultivate a partnership with Bayern Munich. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers were also there. Not unlikely so that those teams then play in Germany.

In any case, the annual spectacle is likely to lift the NFL in the local market on a new level – and the offspring could also benefit. Much more children and teenagers are to be brought into the clubs, possibly one day in the footsteps of Vollmer, Johnson and Co. to kick.

“American Football has to arrive in Germany,” said Alexander Steinforth, New General Manager Germany, the “ARD NFLs Show”. The NFL wanted to try out “that more teens play football and only a whole city, then a region and later the whole country can inspire for the NFL.” The next step on the way is done.