Compilation Heart Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ideal Factory Corporation, was notified of the launch of the Nintendo Switch version “Limit convex flag Seven Pirates H”.

Compiling Heart Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ideal Factory Corporation, has launched the Nintendo Switch Videic “Limit Limit Fuvian Seven Pirates H”.

Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (President and CEC: Sato Kaga / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward: Tokyo Toshima Ward) Compilation Heart Co., Ltd. (President of Director: Fukaya Seichi / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward) is Nintendo Switch Version Launched the convex flag Seven pirated h “.

The Nintendo Switch Version “Limit Little Flag Seven Pirates H” released today is sold only in the download version. You can purchase this work for your sale at the sale price until Thursday, February 10.

[Sale period]
February 10, 2022 (Thu) up to 23:59
[Sale selling price]
3,800 yen (tax included) ※ Regular price is 4,800 yen (tax included)
[Purchase is here (Nintendo E shop)]

Please enjoy the world of “Limit Limit Fuzz Seven Pirates H”.

# Limit convex flag Seven pirate H

This work is a transplantation work of “limit convex flag Seven pirates” released in PlayStation Vita version.

The Nintendo SWITCH version, which is released this time, with the effect of changing the status of the character, the acquisition of skills, and the change of parameter changes, and the Nintendo Switch version released this time all recorded downloaded content delivered in the PlayStation Vita version. There are also new elements such as L / R stick operation and HD vibration response.

# Story

Pirates’ Girl “Palte” finds her treasure, and she dropped to the sea by a monster son “Otton” that has suddenly appeared in the middle of a voyage.

She is a visionary sea “Monphan Sea” that is rumored to be a treasure hiding ahead.

There was no human being, and a group of “Pie”, who had a wide variety of “monster daughter” and a readable head.

She was a narrow land, but while being surrounded by unusual living things, a palte who has determined to look for a hidden treasure.

She finds a treasure that sleeps in the Monspo Sea and can I go home safely…


Palte Kairi (CV. Shizuka Shizuka)
Casual girl wearing the Mospu Sea. With her own brightness and positive, she decides to find the treasures of the Monspian Sea at this opportunity.

Waffle (CV. Masaka Saka)

Seven Pirates H | Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Mon daughter who is looking for treasure in the Monspo Sea. She likes fun and she likes mischief. She has her nose with her treasure.

Jewel (CV. Ashuna)
She owns a pirate ship and mon daughter who is pirated in the Monspo Sea. She has a ship, but she struggles with poor.

Claret (CV.M · A · O)
Mon daughter of pirate who attacked a pirate ship. She drifted she hit a pirate ship, she hit a pirate ship that she was hit.

Sucula (CV. Yonezawa Yen)
A mon daughter who is ruining a pirate ship to do bad things. She is confident in colorfulness she uses fascinating attacks.

Polon (CV. Hashimoto Konami)
Mon daughter living in a ghost ship. She was pulled by a ghost ship, so she is a great personality, but she is not good at she.

Lindo (CV. Motoko Makiko)
She is a mon daughter who is the captain of the pirate team. I am confident in her arms, she is troublesome, she tries to fight from the story and tries to make her decision.

Otton (CV. Seiwa Sugita)
Montworms with bra. He is a veteran as a pirate and has the secret of treasures. He can also teach paignment.

Riviera (CV. Yuka Kana)
Mon daughter who aims for Parte. She doesn’t hear what he says, she is useless and she strikes.

Mimi (CV. Kazumi Kazumi)
Mon daughter who hides the treasure. She still cherishes her treasure for her childhood.

Drois (CV. Toda Megumi)
Mont daughter who attacks what she visits the unexplored land. She behaves chessfully, but she has a bad personality.

Garnet (CV. Higashiro Sakai)
Mon daughter who guards the ruins. She is a serious personality and she does not allow an intruder that she ruins the ruins.

Cat (CV. Sakura Sakura)
Bold fearful mon daughter. She looks like a part of Palte and challenged her fight.

Product Summary

Title: Limit convex flag Seven pirated H reading: Gencai Together Platform: Nintendo Switch Genre: Paulous RPG CERO: D (17 years old or more) Player: One person Release Date: February 3 (Thu) Price: DL version / 4,800 yen (tax included) Official site URL: Compilation Heart Official Twitter: Manufacturer: Compilation Heart Right Notation: ( C) 2022 Idea Factory / Compil Heart / Felistella

※ Compiling Heart Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Sato Ji / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward).