Ubisoft Mainz plans to publish 2022 more DLCs for Anno 1800 . Now the first details are imminent: During this week, the developers want to publish the plans for the Cosmetic DLCs this year. Players then experienced with which ornaments they can beautify their cities in the starting game in the future. Last year, fans were able to vote on their favorites from given topics that the developers finally implemented. The colorful paint DLC and the pedestrian zone package were included. Which cosmetic DLCs ANNO 1800 2022 receives, we will experience shortly.


Cosmetic DLC and new update in February

In the coming week in turn it should give info on the first Cosmetic DLC , which appears for the starting game this year. The release is already approaching with larger steps: The publication is planned according to Ubisoft Mainz for in mid-February 2022 , so already in a few weeks. With the cosmetic DLC also a new update for Anno 1800 shall be submitted that addresses, among other things, the lack of consumption statistics for buildings such as power plants and arctic heaters. The concrete patch notes are likely to submit developers around the patch release.

Season 4 starts in 2022

For March, the developers finally announce the first details for Season 4 in Anno 1800 (buy now € 19.99 / € 21.99) on. The new season is to get three DLCs, expand the Anno 1800 with additional content. Was developed in the previous season the Old World, the focus of Season 4 is on the New World. A completely new region but does not give . However, the developers are aware of the space problems in the new world and want to consider the plans for the new DLCs.