Gaming NFTs are going to make people rich (get ready)

The Friends Games (co-represented by co-representing, urauan) opened a block chain that utilizes an alternative and unparalleled (NFT) (NFT, NFT).

The time slot, which divides the time to NFT, and the time slot that sells time by 10 minutes, and the time slot NFT service, “Todayise,” is a software stability, and improve service stability, and open the formal service this time.

Compared to software, it is possible to expand the percentage of transactions to the past 1900, and the PC Web can be identified as a real-time NFT, and the NFT auction feature that can acquire multiple time slot NFTs through auctions through auctions..

Friends Games Lee Lee, and the Platform’s head of the platform, “commemorate formal launch, proceeds an event that paid one free one-time coupon for all people. Anyone who has a digital asset wallet that can access through KakaoTalk is that anyone who has a free coupon can be used to buy a special time slot NFT, so I want to buy a special time slot NFT, “he said.

On the other hand, commemorating the opening of this launching service, 70% discounted to purchase NFT at 70% discounted prices, a confidential event to send NFT to a newly subscribed friend, and a friend invitation event, which can be rewarded, and using BORA Today’s first NFT auction begins on February 8th.