I HATE THIS GUY | Horizon Zero Dawn - Part 11
Horizon Zero Dawn has overcome the twenty million copies sold around the world. The head of PlayStation Studios and former Games guerrilla leader, a game developer, has made public the figure in the Twitter account, thanking the support of the fans. These twenty million copies have been reached, counting both the original version of PlayStation 4 and the PC port that was published by 2020. Although there are no official figures from the latter, the estimates point to that two million copies in Steam have been sold. The sales landmark of Horizon Zero Dawn is produced just a week before the launch of its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, whose arrival at shops is scheduled for next February 18, exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This Content is Hosted on an External Platform, Which Will Only Display It If You Accept Targeting Cookies. Please enable cookies to view. Manage Cookie Settings