February 10, Horror FPS , who collected topic with a unique concept after the first release, announced its launch in 2022.

The FPS <Atomic Heart, which is being developed in the Russian New Developer ‘Mudfish’, is a game that deals with the Soviet Union in Parallel. The Soviet Union, who had a tremendous human loss, has invested in robotic technology to replace tremendous tribal losses, and grown to export their robots throughout Europe. However, in one of the research institutes, the robot causes rebellion, the hero ‘P-3’ is dealing with the story that the main character ‘P-3’ is a story to prevent the disaster.

As a front, this trailer has focused on the battle system. The main character uses the main character to use the gloves that can use the armor and special abilities, and the enemy was launched in the air and launching the froeler and firing the robot.

ILL Official Trailer (New FPS Horror Game 2022) 4K

is a game that has made three times to postally released. After the first disclosure of 2017, it was scheduled to release 2018 and posted in 2019, and was announced in 2021 and was announced in 2022. The to be released at the end of the smoke can be able to satisfy the Horror FPS fans, or “the end of the game released at the end of the smoke is not good,” and “the end of the game is not good” It seems to be.

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