The Hitman Games of Io Interactive have become appreciated for their seriously bloody violence, but also for its scandalous and satirical approach. Hitman 3 will not be different because a new video on its YouTube channel makes its debut in a new place that makes fun of the decor and characters from the film nominated to the Oscars, _couceaux.

Located in Dartmoor, England, the “The Thornbridge Mystery” trailer moves to each place in the field of a rich family – from a fascinating fireplace, corridors full of deer heads and a master bedroom with the corpse. of an older man extended on the bed. Apart from the emblematic house, even some of the dubious family members look like those of the recent photo of the murder mystery. So yes, the assassination title will give users an interactive access to an output_outeaux – as a scenario.

The Clue | Award Winning Short Film (10 Min)
At the end of the video, we finally see the agent 47 walking towards the house, disguised as a detective, but clearly ready to hurt. Speaking upon revelation, the main writer Nick Price does not mention the film downright, but says that the mission composes everything “up to 11” during the survey of the horrible murder.

The players will be able to dirty their hands in this very familiar place when Hitman 3 will be released in January 2021 for current and new generation platforms. For PC players, the third opus will be an EPIC Games Store exclusivity.