Premier League Newcomer FC Brentford says reports of British media just before a commitment of the contractless Danish soccer national player Christian Eriksen.

Accordingly, the 29-year-old should be in Tables 14. From London sign a contract for six months with option for another season.

According to information from “Sky”, Eriksen, which was used after a cardiac arrest a defibrillator, initially undergo comprehensive medical examinations. Accordingly, a cardiologist must give him the release before the Dane can be registered as a Premier League player. In addition, Eriksen needs a work permit for the United Kingdom.

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Eriksen had collapsed at the European Championship last year during the group match against Finland and had to be revived. The contract of the midfield player at Inter Milan had later been resolved because he must not play in the Italian Serie A with a defibrillator used.

Eriksen had recently reaffirmed his ambitions on a return to football and expresses the hope to be able to play with Denmark at the World Cup at the end of the year in Qatar. In England he had already started from 2013 to 2020 in the jersey of Tottenham Hotspur. For the Spurs he completed more than 300 games.